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Zach’s Gold (The Jeb & Zach Series Book 2) by Frank Kelso

Zachs Gold is Free Today on AmazonZach hunted for gold.
Claim-jumpers hunted for Zach.
After they found him, they wished they hadn’t!

Jeb stayed in Eagle Pass, but Zach followed his dream from the Union POW camp to find gold. The first person he met warned him, “There ain’t no law in South Park, Colorado.”
“This ain’t my problem. I’m staying clear of this mess,” Zach muttered, as he rode from the slap-dash mining town.

The claim-jumpers tried to rough-up a lad not old enough to shave. Zach stopped them and gave a warning to leave him and the miner alone.
The claim-jumpers tried to gang-up on a miner in town. He warned them again.
The claim-jumpers mauled a miner guarding Zachs gear and stole his mule.
Zach found the two claim-jumpers leading his mule. He sent their body’s home with a note, “Horse and Mule thieves die when caught.”
Zach told the miners, “I warned them twice. I don’t give a third warning.”

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It’s a turnaround for the taciturn and solitary Zach.
Can he convince the miners to consolidate to protect their gold claims?
What will the claim-jumpers do when they learn Zach stands in their way?
Will the miners follow Zach’s lead?
In the midst of this, will Zach find his gold?

About the Author of Zachs Gold, Frank Kelso:

Zachs Gold is Free Today on AmazonFrank Kelso grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, the origin of the Santa Fe Trail. Historic sites, monuments, and statues abound highlighting the journey west, including the Wagons West, Pioneer Women and the Indian Scout located on the bluffs overlooking the wide Missouri. Writing western themed books fit in with his upbringing. His parents considered storytelling a family tradition and the taller the tale, the better, when sharing around the supper table. A biomedical research scientist in his day job, Frank writes short stories and novels to keep the family traditions alive. He enjoys living on an island on the Alabama Gulf Coast at the Florida border. Can you say Flora-Bama Beach Bar? Welcome to Paradise Island: sunny days, sugar white sands, turquoise blue water, fishing, and smooth sailing. Come on down, Y’all.

Download Zachs Gold now on Amazon while it’s free and start reading it today.

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