Sensible Fitness in Three Steps

Download these 3 Steps to Sensible Fitness for a quick and easy guide that was written with over 35 years of experience about health and fitness. It’s free today on Amazon!

3 Steps to Sensible FitnessUsing and Occams’s Razor approach, this quick and easy to read e-book distills over 35 years of experience, experimentation, and trial and error learning about health and fitness. It includes effective, research-based exercise and diet plans, along with some down-home tips you won’t find anywhere else.

It includes:

* Why a cheesy 80s movie could inspire your fitness efforts.
* Why your body-fat percentage is (rather than your BMI) is a more accurate measure of your fitness.
* An exercise routine you can do at home found to be nine times more effective in burning fat than traditional methods.
* Why the new science of hormonal fat-burning is more effective than traditional calorie counting.
* Additional tips on sleep and recovery, training psychology, optimal exercise intensity, and more.
* How to use the overarching principle of “structural tension” to propel your fitness efforts.

If you’re an “average” guy, getting a bit older, but still seeking a sensible, realistic level of fitness along with a lean, muscular look, these strategies will help you in your quest!

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