Working Mother’s Guide

If time management has become as impossible as your kids not asking for something as soon as you sit down, leave the room, go to the bathroom, or breathe, download the Busy Working Mother’s Guide while it’s free today on Amazon

The Busy Working Mother’s GuideHow to stop killing yourself as a mother. As a mother, it can be difficult to feel and be productive while raising a family.

No matter what ages your children are… Whether they’re infants, toddlers, pre-, middle, or high school, you’re faced with being pulled in multiple directions. You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and instead of Woman in charge, your role has become “ring announcer for the 3 ring circus.”

When your 40 hour work week is the only rest you have from your 24 hour a day job of looking for a missing pair of pants that are on your shoulder, answering why life’s not fair, and waiting for dark to come so you can no longer see the dark circles under your eyes. Also, if time management has become as impossible as your kids not asking for something as soon as you sit down, leave the room, go to the bathroom, or breathe.

This happens to mothers everywhere. That’s why I wrote this working mother’s guide.

Inside the working mother’s guide, you’ll discover:

  • The Importance of Routines
  • Why Kids and Critters Crave Routines
  • The Benefits of Using Routines with Your Children
  • Why You Struggle Building Routines
  • Habits to Break for More Productivity
  • The Importance of Meal Planning
  • Why Exercise Helps
  • How to Create a Powerful Morning Routine
  • Why the Snooze Button is Evil
  • Self Improvement Activities
  • How to Build Renewal into Your Day
  • The Importance of Solitude
  • How to End Your Day to Supercharge Your Morning
  • How to Keep the Bed Bugs from Biting

However, a word of caution, this is not a boring, drawn out book filled with mind-numbing strategies, tedious facts, or uninspiring dialogue. This working mother’s guide is straight to the point… featuring the best time management tips and methods that have worked for me, along with numerous tongue-in-cheek anecdotes of my zany, unpredictable family.

Not a mother? Don’t fret. Although this book is geared towards busy, working mothers, there are oodles of tidbits inside for father’s, non-mothers, or just plain humans. Obviously, there’ll be some things that won’t directly apply if you’re not a mother, but the parts that do,
will be worth the price of admission!

Here are a few things that non-mothers will discover:

  • How to Develop Routines
  • How to Get Rid of Distractions
  • Why You Should End Your Obsession with Perfection
  • Excuses and Complaining are Holding You Back
  • Why You Should Eat a Balanced Diet
  • How to Improve Your Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Why You Should Take.a Break
  • How to Get to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Want to Learn More? Download the book now to manage your time, decrease your stress, and take back control of your life!

About the author of The Busy Working Mother’s Guide, Nicolle Lowrey:

The Busy Working Mother’s GuideReady to learn the skills needed to survive parenthood?

Hi, I’m Nicolle Lowrey, writer of several books including: The Busy Working Mother’s Guide to Time Management Series.

I’m an around the clock wife and mother of 3 kiddos with a full-time job. I’ve been in your shoes. How are yours holding up? Mine are the same scuffed and broken pair of Sketchers that I’ve had since before I was blessed with children. On the other hand, my children have probably going through 50 pair of shoes in that same amount of time.

After becoming a parent, I struggled with wondering if I was providing enough education, dressing my children right, being fair, giving them the right variety of food, teaching them how to share, showing them how to get along, and ensuring they were getting enough sleep. Did I discipline them right Were the kids others wanted to be around? Why did they run around in circles ever time we went out to eat? Also, if they got in trouble at daycare, I took it personal. Now, how in the world could I be responsible for something that happened when I was at work? Delusional? Right? Yes, it was. However, it wasn’t until the 3rd one that I realized I was “up a sh*t creek without a paddle” in the “mommy guilt” department.

So, if you’ve been daydreaming about taking back your life, but aren’t really sure how to pull it off, visit my website,

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