Wings of Crystal by Karen Kanouse

Wings of Crystal: An epic fantasy action adventure coming of age book (Wings of Destiny series 3) by Karen Kanouse

He swiped his hand over his face. “I think I’ve found my fellow Squires…or they found me, yeah, that might be more accurate.”

He cocked his head toward the mountains. “They’re pulsing out a call to arms, for more Squires to join our cause, to fight against the tyranny.” His eyes started glazing over again.
Zia still had her hand on his arm, feeling the electrical charge building again, like lightning gathered. She squeezed his arm, hard.

He started to turn Kicker’s head. Kicker danced in place, head turned to the left from Jakari’s pull on the reins but the mule didn’t want to leave Starwind’s side.

:I’m holding him here, bonded, but the magical call is strong.: Starwind’s mental voice sounded strained.

“Jakari!” She punched his shoulder with a doubled-up fist, one knuckle protruding for extra attention.

Shaking his head, Jakari gave her a bewildered look. “Why’d you do that?” he complained.
“Look, man, you almost disappeared on me again.”

Jakari dropped his head, rubbing his ears, opening and closing his mouth. “That pulse of magic is strong; must be several Squires working together.”

“Have you considered for one second that it’s a trap? Maybe they’re luring in Squires to bind you to their cause or anyone else who responds to their call,” Zia snapped, frustrated.
His eyes widened as he rubbed his nose with a finger. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

Zia said in a cross voice, “Something that strong and alluring can’t be good. If you’d been by yourself, you would’ve gone blindly to that call and we would’ve lost a fine man and magician.”

He scrubbed his face with his hands. “By the farts of the gods, I think you’re right; that might be how they’ve gotten so many Squires on their side. I’ve had a hard time believing so many would willingly join them but this would explain that. A lot of the ones I trained with were decent men for the most part, despite the harsh training methods.”

“If you’d been alone, I shudder to think of what would’ve become of you.”

“I owe you thanks for saving me, then.” He rubbed his shoulder, smiling ruefully. “That hurt but you brought me back.”

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