Valentine’s Day Shifter Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day! Chimeric Mates series is a Valentine’s Day Shifter romance and is free today.

Vexing Your Mate: A Valentine’s Day Shifter Romance (Chimeric Mates series Book 2) by Sara Spark  

Vexing Your Mate: A Valentine’s Day Shifter Romance

Bain’s an ornery buffalo shifter.

With a human for a mate.
What kind of Chimera gets so desperate that he has to hire his mate’s company just to meet her?
Apparently, his kind.

Download this Valentine’s Day Shifter Romance while it’s free today.

Lia is an event planner, struggling to start a company.
She doesn’t want nor need a man right now.
Although…a girl can appreciate a sexy hunk of muscles when she sees it, right?
Due to her past, however, she only wants to look, not touch.
Her mate has other ideas.

Alpha male meets a scared fated mate. What will Bain do to convince Lia she is safe with him?
HEA, No cheating.
This book contains explicit sexual situations. For mature audiences only.

This is a novella series branching from my Chimeric Alphas series. All of my books can be read as a stand-alone.
If you like these characters, you can see them also in my books Fierce Alpha, and Outfox Your Mate.
Also, soon to be released Trixing Your Mate, and Hidden Alpha.

About the Author of this Valentine’s Day Shifter Romance, Sara Spark:

Dreamer. Teacher. Scientist. Analyst.
I am all of these. My Bachelor’s and Master’s degree focus on science and Psychology.
Mainly Biology and Chemistry which absolutely fascinate me.
However, I am too much of a people person to be locked up in a lab counting agar plates.

Through the years, I would write here and there between
working, learning, teaching and having babies,
but never had the time to take it to publication.
Life kept getting in the way. Well, I am putting life on hold to make this happen.

Download Vexing Your Mate: A Valentine’s Day Shifter Romance while it’s free today.
Want to see where this crazy ride takes me?
Want to help decide what I will write next?
See some book covers before they are released?

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