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The purpose of books written by Val Grian is to charge you with positive energy and to enrich your life with all kinds of emotions.

Tramps, Thieves and IT by Val Grian

Tramps, Thieves and IT by Val GrianThe events take place in the United States. Arrogant smuggler Alan and a shy homeless guy called George are the main characters of the book.

At some point, Lady Luck decided that she had paid too much attention to ungrateful Alan, and completely neglected George for no reason. “It looks like now is the high time to correct this injustice,” she thought once. Being very vigorous and determined, Lady Luck put the idea into action immediately. Which meant seismic changes in the lives of both main characters. And one of them didn’t like those changes at all…

So what happened to Alan and George? Well, the answer is in the book. As a bonus you will also find out what happened to Hitler in hell and what the Devil and the English Queen have in common.

The story is almost based on real events. Some of them already took place in real life. Some are about to happen. Who knows, maybe to you.


I’m very grateful to my wife Aksana for kindly sharing the book concept with me and for all the support and help provided during its creation.

Book cover by Sergey Usmanov.

About the author, Val Grian:

Tramps, Thieves and IT by Val GrianVal Grian is a pseudonym. My real name is Valery Hrykyan.
I have a degree of an English teacher, but have never worked as one. Luckily for schoolchildren, I’ve worked as an iceman, tourist agent, fishing gear salesman, logistics manager, IT project manager, a CEO of an IT company and investor.
As you can see, my career has been very diverse and so has my writing – historical fantasy, contemporary fiction, poetry and so on.
The purpose of my books is to charge you with positive energy and to enrich your life with all kinds of emotions. Sometimes they’ll make you feel sad, quite often they will make you laugh, but never indifferent.
I work hard to make my books as good as I can, because I want you to enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.

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