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Free July 14 – 21

Pipe Dreams

“If you enjoy a Twilight Zone type of story this one is for you.”

John is sliding into depression and alcoholism from his grief over the death of his wife. Now the mysterious discovery of his grandfather’s pipe has made matters worse. Smoking that pipe has awakened something in his mind and he’s begun to have lucid dreams about his dead wife, which have progressed from dreams to daytime visions. He’s seeing her in a downtown D.C. park. John is torn between wild hopes that he might have some way to reconnect with Jillian and his concern that it’s all a delusion.

Meanwhile, a dangerous old man with obscure family connections is trying to interfere, and the more John investigates the deeper his illness becomes. His psychologist is getting increasingly concerned about his mental state, and when someone reports him as a “national security threat” for his increasingly odd behavior, John faces the prospect of being involuntarily drugged or committed.

Can he find the secret of the pipe, and of his dreams, before he goes mad? Will he find a way to let go of Jillian, or … is it possible he might even find her?

“Great for pipe lovers or sci-fi fans who like real character depth and local color.”



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