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Why horses don’t drink tea on Thursdays by Ul Makise

Ul MakiseFunny and inspiring river adventure which can be enjoyed by kids, adults and horses.

Please make sure you are comfortable. Take a fluffy blanket and get ready for the most exciting story. However, don’t drink tea just yet, please wait for me. I am going to quickly find some hot water and drink the tea with you. Enjoy the story.

Paaaaam param pam paaaaaaaaaam pam param paaaaaam pam pam

(These are just some weird sounds that you can hear if you listen to the river very carefully).

Reviews of Why horses don’t drink tea on Thursdays by Ul Makise:

Relaxing book!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This book makes me feel relaxed!

Loved it!

Format: Paperback

Download this free children’s book by Ul Makise while it’s free today on Amazon.

About the author, Ul Makise:

Ul MakiseUl Makise is a writer, English language teacher and horse lover. He was born somewhere some time ago. In his free time he likes to write books, drink tea and spend time with horses.




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