Transition Offense Against Any Defense by DEJAN ILIC

Transition Offense Against Any Defense: A Comprehensive Guide For Basketball Coaches (Basketball Coaching Books) by DEJAN ILIC

This book’s system gives coaches answers for every kind of defense. It covers playing against a man-to-man defense in the three most popular pick-and-roll spacings, clear-side pick, side pick, and top pick. Depending on the pick-and-roll defense being employed, there are numerous possibilities for each spacing.

The changes that must be made when playing against a zone defense or a full-court press are also covered in the book. No matter the defense, there is a counter-move for every possible circumstance.

The book also discusses a variety of alternative entries and instructs coaches on how to be innovative, put their own ideas into practice, and integrate them into the system.

The best part is that everything is described in a straightforward, logical order, progressing step-by-step from fundamental 3v0 drills to the overall picture.

Download Transition Offense Against Any Defense on Amazon while it’s free November 24th – 28th.


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