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today's free ebook lukeTom’s entire world is about to come to a very definite end.

In a day that starts with amnesia, mysterious old men, and a scrawled, barely-legible note that says only “DON’T TRUST HIM”, follow Tom as he tries to piece together not only his memories of the day before, but the answer to the question … what happens when you never let go of the ones you love?

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About Luke Smitherd, the author of today’s free eBook

Luke SmitherdBorn under a Derbyshire sky, to the sounds of a doctor saying “I know they all look bad fresh out of the oven, but bloody hell…”

Singer and guitarist, darts enthusiast, workaholic suffering from chronic procrastination (conflict!) comics nerd.

Luke says: If you like my stuff, please leave a nice star rating, and tweet/post a status about it. You’ll be doing me a bigger favor than I can say, and it’ll mean the work keeps coming. Thanks for reading.

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