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A Hero’s Heart by Tiffany Fenton

Tiffany FentonA Hero’s Heart is compelling, but difficult reading, narrating a life of abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, serious illness and loss. But it also offers a course in survival, even from the severest of tragedies.” –IndieReader

A Hero’s Heart by Tiffany Fenton is a true story of victory, captivatingly told for the first time, from the survivor herself. It is a story of brutality, cruelty, and loss. It is a story of demons, heartache, and agony. It is a story of love, joy, and abundance. And lastly, it is a memoir told with fervor and elation. The writer shares her emotions in intimate detail as she conveys her journey from abuse, to illness, to deaths, and ultimately to ascendancy.

About the author, Tiffany Fenton:

Tiffany FentonAs a former educator, Tiffany Fenton is passionate about using her past experiences, as dark and brutal as they may be, to equip and inspire those who have suffered from abuse, health challenges, and who are searching to find their hero within.

Tiffany Fenton was born in a small rural town in Canada, and now lives in Costa Rica. She is a professional speaker, life coach, community activist, and philanthropist. She’s a warrior and a victor.

Answered Questions by Tiffany Fenton on Goodreads

How do you deal with writer’s block?
Tiffany Fenton: I close everything to do with what I’m writing. Head for the beach for an amazing walk with my motivational play list blaring in my ear for at least one hour. Then I dedicate the rest of the day to anything except writing and start the next day fresh.
What’s your advice for aspiring writers?
Tiffany Fenton: Don’t doubt yourself. Your writing is good and people will not only want to read it, the majority will like what they read. Throw out the negative thoughts!

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