Three Shades Called Horace by Jinx James

Three Shades Called Horace: Witchery, Trickery, Love & Serendipity by Jinx James

 There’s witchery, trickery, love, and serendipity in this hilarious paranormal romantic suspense when Pansy, a beautiful psychic, and Max, whose fantasy is to be like his Arthurian superhero, Sir Lancelot, fall in love while battling the dark forces of corporate greed and black magic. In this “delightfully twisted…offbeat supernatural romp”

Amazon Review ????? a global media mogul, three famous ghosts, and two rival witches go head-to-head in a battle for control of a blockbuster live-streamed Show.

Download Three Shades Called Horace while it’s free on Amazon February 25 – 26.


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