The Ordained Demon by Oladapo Richard Osuntokun

The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest by Oladapo Richard Osuntokun

One day a bigger kid was picking on another kid at recess. Michael noticed that the bigger boy was mocking and taking advantage of the other kid even at lunch. He could not understand why the bullying did not stop after recess. He remembered this was nearly a daily occurrence.

These bullying sessions made him feel very uncomfortable and somewhat angry, so Michael began plotting to take the big guy down. His main plan was to pick four of his best friends to stand up to confront and stare down the bully. They all talked earlier about their plan of action together and remained watchful about the bully’s every move.

During recess on the playground, the bully decided to have another showdown with the little guy again. At the flashing of the warning sign, five of them assembled and surrounded the bully. They did not say anything but just stared him down. The guy felt ashamed and overpowered, got the message, apologized, and moved on. And this was the end of all his nastiness towards the little guy. Since then, his group adopted the same plan to protect other victims against bullies.

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