The Mars Migration by Wayne M. Bailey

The Mars Migration by Wayne M. Bailey

As experienced an officer as he was, Mick would normally be the kind of chap that would try and reassure and calm down a crowd of people like this. Even when he had to be a little vague, he would always try his best to reassure people. But this time he had no idea where to start.

What could I say? That there is an invisible wall around the whole of the central region of England possibly? That renders you frozen if you wander into it? Oh, and by the way, all of your families that are in there are frozen, too, and we have no idea what is causing it! That was crazy talk—he would only cause panic! That was not his place to announce something like that.

What on God’s Earth could create something like this? Even if he had seen it with his own eyes, his rational mind did not allow him to fully believe it. This was way above Mick’s, the chief’s, or even anyone on the police force’s pay grade…

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