The Big Bad Wolf: Book 1: Blood by 13 Pitch Black Cats

The Big Bad Wolf: Book 1: Blood (A Fantasy Reincarnation Isekai Light Novel) by 13 Pitch Black Cats

She retrieved the sponge and began washing my furry arms. She felt like she was attempting to scrub my fur off. That’s a weird sentence I never thought I would say. I have fur. Let’s just staple that to the list of things I need to accept as my new normal.

She accomplished her goal of getting the mud off of me. The bathwater was so full of dirt, blood and whatever else was on me that it had thickened. Nora pulled me out of the bath and drained the tub. There was a small tube at the bottom that ran into the floor. She pulled a handle connected to that small pipe, and the water slowly drained.

I looked at myself now that I was a lot less covered in mud and blood. Gray fur. I’m a little girl, and I have gray fur. I guess since I likely have some canine traits, gray is a normal color for wolves. Unfortunately, after looking at myself, I could see that we weren’t done with my bath. I stood still, examining myself while soaking wet and creating a puddle at my feet. Nora cleaned most of my fur, but my tail and legs still need work. I wonder what color the hair on my head is. Is it the same as my fur? I pulled some in front of my eyes to see that it was the same color as my fur.

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