Surprise Baby For My Ex’s Best Friend by Valencia Rose

Surprise Baby For My Ex’s Best Friend: An Enemies To Lovers Billionaire Romance (Off-Limits Baby Daddies) by Valencia Rose

Book Excerpt:

This is bad!
I screamed internally as I watched my greatest mistake stride into the room. Dark and brooding.
“This is Mr. Roman Blairwood,” his assistant announced.
Really bad.
My head spun as I struggled to steady my gaze on the glass floor of the exquisite waiting room. Everything suddenly seemed shaky. Even my heartbeat was…
F*ck, my heartbeat was almost as fast as grandma’s neck during seizures.
The familiar scent of warm amber and cedarwood filled the room. And I clenched my thighs involuntarily at the memories it elicited. Memories of heaven…and intense org-
Come on, Marlowe! This is not the impression you want to make on a potential client. I tried to remind myself, but even I knew it was bullshit.
I already made an impression. I made it two nights ago with my legs hung over his shoulders and my lips screaming his name. And that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was it occurred a few hours after I broke up with his best friend.
Although, I didn’t know I’d be here. Heck, I didn’t even think we’d ever see each other again.
But that was the least of my problems right now.
I grimaced as the sound of polished leather shoes drew my attention back to reality. Deep breaths.
Yeah, deep breaths. Maybe if I—
“What is this?” His voice instantly halted every other thought. It was deep and pierced through my ear. And I swear I saw his assistant flinch.
I couldn’t blame her; with a six-foot-one tapered frame, his presence commanded attention.
Even Adonis would submit before this man.
The same way I had when his girth dove in between my thighs.
“Good morning, sir.” My brain instantly told me to stand. I quickly obeyed. “It appears that—”
“Not you.” A few strands of shiny blonde hair fell into his eyes.
He turned to his assistant.
“What is this, Elizabeth?”
I watched the corner of his eyes slightly narrow at her before his thick hands found the pocket of his pants.
Thick hands…
No matter how much I wanted to hear her response, something about the veins was distracting. They slowly appeared at the side of his neck and were distracting me. Distractingly warm….and slippery.
With a low gulp, I tightened my butt cheeks to provide friction between my heated thighs.
The vein in his neck reminded me of other veins that appeared on his thick shaft. I had traced them with my thumb. Squeezed them—squeezed him until he was groaning for me.
His shaft had parted my legs with a command I couldn’t deny. It teased my entrance. And soaked my wetness until his name was the only sound on my lips. Even when I reached m—
“Sh*t.” The word was followed by a loud bang. And I instantly shook myself out of my daze. Clenching my fist, I turned to see the assistant hunched over to pick something. Her tablet had fallen.
“I– I’m sorry sir,” she stuttered as she swiped the surface of the white gadget. “This is– is your nine o’clock introductory meeting with the lead architect of Thompson architecture firm, Miss Marlowe Thorn.”
No more words were spoken as her boss turned his head to mine. This time, I refused to meet his eyes. Instead, I kept mine trained on his lips.
Perhaps because his lips were stuck in a frown and not that playful smile when he had me moaning under him. The same lips that had suckled my brea—
“Miss Thorn.” The smooth movement of his jaw drew my attention to it. And my eyes unwillingly traced its sharp silhouette.
Even my sweaty palms against my black pants did nothing to stop the shudder that wracked my senses. Good lord. How was I so nervous and turned on at the same time?
“I do not want you on my team.”

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