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Bestselling researcher & writer, as featured on Coast to Coast AM. Steph Young is an avid researcher on all supernatural, paranormal, and esoteric enigmas.

Something in the Woods is Taking People: Missing Children, Missing Hikers, Missing in National Parks. Supernatural Abductions. Monsters. Underground Bases. by Steph Young

Steph Young, Something in the Woods is Taking PeopleFan of the hit TV series ‘Stranger Things?’  Did you think that Strange Unexplained Abductions of Children in the Woods was just sci-fi horror fiction? That Monsters really don’t exist? That deep in the Woods lie Secret Military Underground Bases, where children are experimented on for Time-travel, Teleportation, and Mind Control?

The Truth really is more frightening than the fiction, in ‘Something in the Woods is Taking People,’ with true stories of Missing children in the Woods, Supernatural Abductions, Invisible Monsters, and terrible secret Experimentations in Underground Bases. Time travel, teleportation, mind control and Monsters…

Did you really think ‘Stranger Things’ was just fiction?  Did you really think it was safe to go in the Woods?

As featured on National Radio stations including Coast to Coast Am, the Bestselling Book series; ‘Something in The Woods is Taking People.’ True stories of Missing children in the Woods, Supernatural Abductions, Invisible Monsters, and terrible secret Experimentations in Underground Bases. Time travel, teleportation, mind control and monsters…

Bestselling Author Steph Young has appeared on radio shows including Coast to Coast AM, telling creepy unexplained mysteries of stories that come from her bestselling Book Series and her Podcast: ‘Unexplained Mysteries with Steph Young.’

About the author, Steph Young:

Steph Young, Something in the Woods is Taking PeopleSteph Young is a frequent guest on radio shows including appearances of the National Radio show ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ as well as many more…

Steph Young is an independent researcher, addicted to researching all Supernatural, Paranormal, Esoteric and enigmatic Mysteries. Each book she writes seems to lead her to further questions and searches for answers, as the unexplained Mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown.

She covers True Stories of the strange, mysterious, and frightening, and the monstrous creatures who feature in them. Our darkest history mythology and Lore. True life scary stories that expose our darkest, deepest fears… and tragic ends. Unexplained mysteries, unexplained disappearances, missing people and the supernatural links that may tie them all together.

Steph Young now hosts a Podcast on itunes. “Masquerade podcast with steph young” discussing Creepy Mysteries of the Unexplained,” covering all unexplained mysteries, unexplained disappearances, all things paranormal, encounters with the unknown, unsolved mysteries, and of course, creepy true things that happen in the woods… missing people in the forests, woods, and national parks. Missing hikers, Missing Campers, and the things that took them… People are disappearing in national parks, forests and woods. Something in the woods is taking people… Who or what is taking them?

Invisible Predators in the Forest? Cloaked Entities? People are disappearing in the Woods. Screams heard in the distance; or, just ominous silence… The primal fear of something dangerous lurking, coming closer…..For some people, this can turn into a deadly reality. For those left behind, there is only confusion, fear, panic…..The Woods will never be the same again…. People who have disappeared in the wilds of North America, Canada, in forests everywhere. Search and Rescue fail to find them…. Steph Young seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests.

If you have had a creepy encounter that defies explanation, or a scary experience, i would love to hear from you, and would be very interested in your experience. I’m on Facebook: Steph Young Author, or my email is;
twitter too @StephYoungAuth
To listen to Masquerade Podcast with Steph Young please go to patreon: steph young masquerade, or listen on itunes, or find me on Youtube at ‘Author Steph Young Creepy Unexplained Mysteries.’

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