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Book 1 of the Steel City series is free today on Amazon.

The Shearing (Steel City Series Book 1) by N.J. Colesar

Steel City Series Book 1Can humanity survive The Shearing?

Liz McAllister is looking forward to a much-needed spring break. But when she travels home to Clearfield, Pennsylvania, she discovers that something strange is happening around her sleepy little hometown.

The peace is abruptly shattered as earthquakes split the ground and falling satellites burn across the sky. Hordes of vicious monsters materialize across the world and the Earth is engulfed in chaos.

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Cut off from the outside world, Liz teams up with Mike and their small group of friends. Together they desperately battle the monsters that are devastating Clearfield.

Their efforts are aided by the discovery of magic and the arrival of otherworldly allies. But even with new allies and magical powers, the evil hordes are unending and the fate of our world hangs in the balance.

About the author of the Steel City series, N. J. Colesar:

steel city authorN. J. Colesar is an American author and entrepreneur that published his first novel, The Shearing, in 2017.

He started Entanglement Interactive LLC to publish his works and to allow other authors to join him in expanding the DarkEnergy setting.

Raised in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2010 and holds a BS in Media Arts and Animation.

He currently resides in Pittsburgh with his wife and children.

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