Single Dad Billionaire’s Nanny by Lynne Sweet

Single Dad Billionaire’s Nanny: A Single Dad Age Gap Romance by Lynne Sweet

How did people like him actually exist? I felt like I was in some kind of fever dream and any moment I would wake up to find that I was still in the taxi on my way to my new job as a nanny.
Even though the foyer that he led me into was stunning, I couldn’t bring my mind to focus on any of the decor because I kept looking at him. Everything about him drew me in. His voice, his scent of bergamot and sandalwood, his body… His presence was intimidating and overbearingly charming at the same time. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my throat when our eyes met for only a split second before I looked away.
I couldn’t shake this feeling that my heart was in immense danger.

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