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Simon Orion’s Cosmic Adventure by Cal Beckett

simon orionSimon Orion, a wheelchair-bound boy, wins the space adventure of a lifetime. His treasured prize is a cockpit seat on a groundbreaking trip to the outer Solar System commanded by his legendary hero, Astronaut Dewmoon.

However, once in space Simon’s dream trip becomes a life-threatening roller coaster ride with perilous visits to Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and beyond. Can he overcome his perceived limitations to help his crewmates escape almost certain death?
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Amazon Reviews for Simon Orion’s Cosmic Adventure

5 stars An addictive page turner! By Lindsey
Just like the Harry Potter series, this book is not just for kids. It was so entertaining that I couldn’t put it down and I read it in one sitting. I definitely will recommend it to my family and friends, and anyone I come across looking for some inspiration.,,

5 stars Fun story with a positive message By Beryl Stafford
I really got into this book, and I read it with my young son. He found it exciting and a lot of fun. It really fired off his love of Space (he’s been learning about the solar system in school) and the way the story mixes space adventures with mythology is very inventive and entertaining...

5 stars The Simon Orion adventure is an exhilarating story that will invigorate your imagination. By Eric M
Simon’s adventure is a breath of fresh air, giving me a new excitement for space novels. After reading multiple space related novels, I have noticed that they are difficult to write. Simon was able to take me along on his adventure that is full of twist and turns

5 stars Amazing, action packed and parent recommended



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