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silver sistersBattling Chefs, Twin Sleuths, Old Magicians and MURDER!

An award-winning Silver Sisters Mystery

Take several chefs with names like Caesar Romano, Biff Wellington, Moishe Matsumoto and Toulouse Jankowsky, add sleuthing silver-haired Mae West lookalike twins with a nose for trouble, a couple of well-aged vaudeville magicians, Waldo the Wonder Dog, and a bunch of quirky characters, and season with a heaping cup of jealousy, a pinch of intrigue, a smidgen of history and a ruthless villain. Model after “over-the-top” TV cooking shows and stir well. You get a recipe for an amusing, fast paced, funny romp through the world of TV chefs in search of a killer. Visit and for more info and updates.

Who are the Silver Sisters?

Identical fifty-something twins–identical on the outside, very different on the inside, who can’t resist a mystery GOLDIE SILVER, an over-the-hill flower child, owns an antique store in Juneau, Alaska. Kind, sweet Goldie loves to investigate, but looks for the good in every situation. GODIVA OLIVIA DUBOIS, a wealthy Beverly Hills widow, writes the syndicated advice to the lovelorn column “Ask .G.O.D.” (her initials). Self-serving and manipulative, she always figures the angles and usually gets what she wants..

Who are the aging magicians?

The twins’ feisty 80 year-old mother FLOSSIE SILVER and UNCLE STERLING SILVER, who were part of the vaudeville act “The Scintillating Silvers” when the twins’ father, Harry Silver was alive. He was one of the “4 Great Harry’s of Magic.” They still perform a magic act every Thursday at the Hollywood Home for Has-Beens with Waldo the Wonder Dog and love to dress in disguise and go undercover. #mysteryseries #mystery #humor

Meet the author of the Silver Sisters Mysteries, Morgan St. James:

Silver Sisters author, Morgan St. JamesMorgan St. James is former interior designer who is now the author of 15 books. A frequent panelist, moderator and speaker, Morgan lives in Las Vegas with her trusty rescue dog Dylan, and is on the board of Writers of Southern Nevada.

When she first participated on panels or gave workshops, she was always asked if she had a book about writing. She didn’t have one, but had written over 600 published articles about the craft and business of writing. Using the most popular topics, she was inspired to write WRITERS’ TRICKS OF THE TRADE as an easy, fun-to-read guide for writers and authors at all stages of their careers, available in Kindle, eBook and paperback. She also publishes the Writers Tricks of the Trade quarterly online magazine, which can be found at

Her career started with the first book in the award-winning Silver Sisters Mysteries series, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP. This series, currently at four books with a new one in plotting stages, written with her real life sister Phyllice Bradner, features a team of identical twins–Goldie, an over-the-hill flower child who owns an antique shop in Juneau, Alaska and her fashionista twin Godiva, a wealthy syndicated advice columnist who lives on an estate in Beverly Hills, California. Their elderly mother and uncle, former vaudeville magicians, are the sidekicks who love to dress in disguise and go undercover. They don’t have to look for trouble–it finds them. The sisters love writing this series together, but most important, it has brought them together as best friends as well as co-authors and sisters. Fun, fast moving, filled with twists, turns and laughs.

Other humorous stand-alone mysteries include BUMPING OFF FAT VINNY, a funny fictional crime caper co-authored with true crime writer Dennis N. Griffin, and RIPOFF, featuring a plot to embezzle millions from the Federal government that would have worked but for three savvy women. Co-authored with Caroline Rowe, it was inspired by some actual incidents when they both worked for the same government contractor. Who knew manufacturing in Federal prisons is close to a billion dollar a year business?

INCEST, MURDER AND A MIRACLE: The True Story Behind the Cheryl Pierson Murder-For-Hire Headlines, LA BELLA MAFIA: Bella Capo’s true story of surviving abuse and BETRAYED, inspired by actual events of kidnapping and rape that happened in Chicago in the late 1950s, are a departure from the award-winning Silver Sisters Mysteries, and have received acclaim. Through writing these books, Morgan became an advocate for abuse awareness.

Her first single author anthology, The MAFIA FUNERAL and Other Short Stories was released in paperback and Kindle in February 2012. Morgan was editor and a contributor to her mother Rosetta Schwartz’s delightful memoir, CAN WE COME IN AND LAUGH, TOO?, released in May 2012. Her short stories appear in many anthologies, including three in Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

Morgan loves to tell stories, and many situations or characters are inspired by her personal experiences. She has been fortunate to travel extensively, meet people in all walks of life and has had experience in many fields. Writing has been her passion since the late 1990s.

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