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Bittersweet Kiss of Revenge (The Immortals Series Book 1) by Sabina Bundgaard

Sabina BundgaardCC Wiltshire has been a vampire spanning centuries – three to be exact. The hands of time are usually forgiving.
But not for this vampire.
Some wrongs can neither be forgiven nor forgotten. Instead, they are woven into deadly revenge and lethal regret. For this ancient bloodsucker, eternity isn’t long enough.




About the author, Sabina Bundgaard:
Sabina BundgaardAs long as she can remember, Sabina always loved to read. If you couldn’t find her, odds were she was tucked away somewhere with her nose in a book, diving into new stories and fairytales.

More often than not, you’ll still find her deep into her next story, writing her next adventure while her tea gets cold. (Which happens more often than she likes to admit).

While her imagination takes her to different worlds and along hundreds of new adventures, Sabina lives in little, old Denmark along with her husband and their two kids.

From the author:

“Hmmmm, what to say about myself? I’m quite ordinary, to tell you the truth. No pointy ears, hooves, tails or haloes here. Sorry. Just plain old me. 🙂

I’m a wife, mother of two, studying to become a veterinarian, bookoholic…

I have always believed in the magic of books, that each book has a new world, a new adventure to show and tell us. And if we’re open minded enough, we can experience the most wonderful things.”

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