Ruin by Leigh Seippel

Ruin: A Novel of Flyfishing in Bankruptcy by Leigh Seippel

Ruin is a fiction woven of real places, though colored to reflect the characters’ emotional presence. Francy and Frank Campbell are struggling from financial catastrophe. Frank has gone bankrupt, and in the midst of it all, he takes up fly fishing on the nearby river, aspiring to join the local fishing club. Nevertheless, tragedy ensues during a fishing contest, further framing Frank as a “loser loner” in life. Only when he turns to fly fishing in earnest, traveling the world in search of the ever more perfect and elusive trout, does he find his way forward in “the yowling madness” of the world.


Download Ruin by Leigh Seippel while it’s on sale on Amazon August 14 – 20.


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