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Remy Agee says “imagination really is the ‘engine of ideas’, because books can help children imagine that they can be any place and any time in the entire universe.”

My Name is FRED: The Purple Frog – Preschool Picture Book (Adventure Thru Imagination Books) by Remy Agee

Remy AgeeCharming illustrations and the story teach children to be who they are!

FRED is not your ordinary frog. So no one believes he’s really a frog. And like FRED, sometimes it can be hard for children to ‘fit in’. Discover how FRED and the other animals remind children to be themselves.

As FRED says repeatedly:

But I AM a frog. I AM, you see. This is who I am. This is ME.”

Look for the surprise twist that helps children realize accepting others who may be different is just as important…and that’s a happy ending for all!

Scroll up and buy now to meet FRED and share his story with your child or grandchild today!

About the author, Remy Agee:

Remy AgeeCalled Grandma, Gam and Grammy Hammy (aka Remy Agee), I love reading and creating books.

I’ve enjoyed sharing tips for parents and grandparents, when writing professionally on early childhood topics. Presenting at local, state and national conferences for early childhood professionals and parents – on school readiness and the many ways parents, grandparents and caregivers can provide early learning experiences – has been a wonderful opportunity.

These days, I continue to learn from the best sources -my grandchildren! I’ve had an incredible opportunity to continue to learn – and teach – by helping homeschool one of my grandsons. Starting our third year of homeschool, we continue to explore many fascinating ideas…including topics that never were on my radar. And, we’re working as co-authors on several book series.

Children learn so much through reading, whether on their own or with an adult. Reading books allows a child to imagine what the characters, scenes and actions look and sound like.
Imagination really is the ‘engine of ideas’, because books can help children imagine that they can be any place and any time in the entire universe. I love that!

As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand, stimulating progress.”

Remy Agee

If you were…is one of the Adventure Thru Imagination Books
…books that delight…books that engage…books that stretch a child’s imagination.

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