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Escape Velocity (Off-World Series, Book 7): Sexy Science-Fiction Romance Novel by Rebecca York

Escape Velocity by Rebecca YorkFrom New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York.

“Rebecca York delivers page-turning suspense.”
–Nora Roberts

(Rebecca York) is a real luminary of contemporary series romance
–Michael Dirda, The Washington Post Book World

Max Cassidy, a space pilot who operates on the edge of legality, doesn’t know he’s risking his life when he picks up a shipment of contraband from Naxion. On this forbidden planet, all the inhabitants are beyond ugly except the gorgeous women raised for the interplanetary slave trade. When Cassidy discovers the cargo is one of these slaves, he vows to save her. But he doesn’t know how much the woman who calls herself Amber is hiding from him. Attraction flares between them. As their sexual relationship turns steamy, the chase is on to escape the corrupt official who bought Amber.

Attraction flares between them. As their sexual relationship turns steamy, the chase is on to escape the corrupt official who bought Amber. But the only way to ensure her safety is to terminate the man’s sadistic avocation. Passion builds as they rocket off to what could be Max’s final mission.

“A true master of intrigue.”
–Rave Reviews

“Rebecca York’s fast-paced suspense, innovative stories and sexy characters set the standard for paranormal romantic suspense.”
–Ann Voss Peterson

One of the smugglers took a step toward him and spoke in heavily accented standard speech. “You bring . . . payment?”

“If you have my merchandise,” he replied. He was outnumbered, and he didn’t like the confident look in the alien’s bloodshot eyes. This guy was sure he had the situation under control, and he was planning something tricky.


“Where’s my package?”

“No package. Kawanda.”

Another of the men pushed the hooded figure forward.

At the rough shove, the captive almost lost his balance and fell in the mud. As he fought to steady himself, Max saw his hands were secured behind his back.

Fates, what was this guy? A criminal? Or just dangerous? And what the hell did Rafe want with him?

He wavered on his feet a few meters away.

Unprepared for this new development, Max blinked. “The cargo is a person?”

“Dung to us. Valuable—to you.”

“Gods,” he muttered. He’d come here for merchandise. What kind of exchange was this anyway?

“You no want?”

His immediate reaction was, No want. He’d thought he was bringing expensive goods back to Danalon, and he hated the smell of this deal. His best guess now was that the bound man was a slave.

The idea of human trafficking made Max sick. He wanted to turn around and head back to his shuttle. But that could be dangerous under the circumstances. These men were expecting payment. Not only that, what would happen to the prisoner if Max rejected him?

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