Realm of Arkon – Book 1

Patch 17: Epic LitRPG (Realm of Arkon, Book 1) by G. Akella

Realm of ArkonYear 2038. Realm of Arkon is a fantastic virtual world with total immersion, controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence. A bug in a new patch caused the death of all the people who were online and sentenced them to keep living as their characters inside the virtual world.

Roman, a concept artist, fell prey to incident together with his sister. Just before that, by a whim of fate, he became embroiled in a conflict with a member of the Realm of Arkon’s Board of Directors. He is kidnapped, tortured, and imprisoned in a secret virtual area, reliving death many times, with his sensation of pain increased to 100%.

Roman, now called Krian, has find his way out of the deadliest area of Arkon, find his missing sister, and finally fulfill his thirst for revenge.

For now, he is a newbie mage, but even so, there’s something that makes him stand out in a crowd… Over the course of his journey, Krian will slay monsters, explore dungeons, make good friends and deadly enemies, meet ancient gods and demons, master his skills and abilities, and come to terms with his half-demon heritage, evolving from an artist to a brave warrior. His feelings and sensations are real, both pain… and sex.

Patch 17 has changed the virtual world forever: the AI that used to lord over the Realm of Arkon abandoned it to its fate, NPCs got memories and free will, and many people died in the real world only to stay “online” forever, leading virtual lives as their characters. A giant fantasy world became a living one, while still retaining a part of its original game mechanics.

Patch 17 is the opening book of the Realm of Arkon series by G. Akella. It is a bestselling Amazon series with each book among the top of its genre and an extremely popular series in Russia with a strong international fanbase. As a pro gamer, G. Akella managed to create an expansive fantasy world with clear and thoughtful balance and mechanics. The story of Krian is sure to fascinate all LitRPG and fantasy fans.

An epic LitRPG adventure starts today! Go and join the adventures of Krian in the wide and diverse fantasy world, Realm of Arkon.

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