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In this book by RD Hessom about love and sport, Becca finds out what it really means to fight for the one thing she really wants.

A Boy Called Brick by RD Hessom

A Boy Called Brick by RD HessomBecca always thought Brick was a silly name for a swimmer……..
Becca and Brick first meet in swimming lessons when they were seven and it seems that they were made for each other. But can the love of water keep them together for twenty five years? Or will life just get in the way?
What’s more important: the love of your life or Olympic glory?

n this book about love and sport, Becca finds out what it really means to fight for the one thing she really wants. She discovers what is important to her and how a person’s dreams can shape their life for better or worse. She learns how forbidden love can cause all kinds of problems and sometimes the thing you need to fill the whole in your soul is right under your nose.

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