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An Instance of Opposition by R Vincent Tibbetts

An Instance of Opposition by R Vincent TibbettsIn a world where the government maintains power by teetering on ecological disasters and the onslaught of war, Tindra Hightower and Clive Vanderjack collide. The seemingly random actions of a reckless hierarchy bring them together, and the events which unfold force them to flee from the long arm of the State. With Tindra’s knowledge of hacking and Clive’s skills as a government operative, they find themselves immersed in a bureaucratic imbroglio with deadly consequences. Forging a fragile alliance on their roller coaster ride, they brave their battles with their blended sights set on the only real prize— their freedom.

About the author, R Vincent Tibbetts:

R Vincent TibbettsR Vincent Tibbetts was raised in Western Pennsylvania during the 1970’s. It was a time when their professional football team captured the heart of a city. It was because of this that the surrounding areas immersed themselves in a culture of winning, however those feelings changed with the death of the steel industry. Witnessing the economic shock-wave ripple through these communities from the gutting of such an industrial expanse had an impact on his psyche. It led him to see his surroundings in a new light, he grew to have an appreciation for how things worked, the workings of the natural world, and developing a mindset for conservation.

R Vincent Tibbetts’s interests in art, photography, and film production brought him to California and a career in the entertainment business where he is a Chief Lighting Technician or Studio Electrician.

He is an entrepreneur at heart.
His hobbies include beach volleyball, golf, softball, hiking, camping, and surfing.

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