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Gestation (Project Chrysalis Book 1) by John Gold

Gestation (Project Chrysalis Book 1) by John GoldIf you mix Sword Art Online and The Land, and make them both darker – Project Chrysalis is what you get.

Chrysalis is the project of the century. It’s a hyper-realistic fantasy RPG set in the Middle Ages. Chrysalis is a perfect virtual reality game where every orphan under governmental care is placed in an in-game family to finally obtain all the love and care from the parents which kids need so desperately.

But for one orphan who took part in this program something went horribly wrong.

Instead of a happy childhood Anji suffers from demonification. Being betrayed for the sake of someone else’s master plan he finds himself in the most hopeless place of Chrysalis: Hell which is full of bloodthirsty demons, agony, and despair.

Sagie (Anji’s in-game username), empowered by homesickness and revenge, will go through Hell to face those who’ve taken everything from him. Cruel gods, bloody demons and game officers whose purpose is to keep order and safe balance, who will do their best to stop him on his crusade. The road will be long and gruesome. Blessed are those who struggle.

Project Chrysalis: Gestation is the first of four books of a brand new LitRPG series by John Gold. This is a story of a battle for your dreams with a mixture of MMORPG, space opera, dystopia, epic fantasy and sci-fi. It is full of plot twists, riddles, and revelations.

The story of Sagie has just begun.
Do not believe your own eyes.

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