Better photos instantly with Peter Soros!

Peter SorosIf you use your smart phone, tablet, ipod, or a DSLR camera to take photos on a daily basis, then these fun exercises will have you finding magic everywhere to capture!

You’ll be filling up that empty wall space in no time with your new art! You’ll go from “no talent” to a photo magician in minimal time. The book is short and just the bare bones. No filler.

Don’t keep the magic waiting and start impressing family, friends, yourself and even strangers with your new artistic skill!


About the author, Peter Soros:

Peter SorosFor someone who would describe himself as a “home-body”, Peter Soros’s actions would tell a different story. At age 17, he home schooled himself his senior year of high school so he could graduate early and move to Italy. To much surprise his American high school diploma was not held in high regard, so he had to start at the 3rd of 5 years art specific high school, where he focused on graphic design. While in Sicily he also studied classical guitar privately for advancement at the music conservatory in Palermo. It wasn’t until Peter moved back to San Diego from Italy, that he began teaching himself photography.

He created every opportunity to grow his photography skills in the abundant, picturesque locations Southern California has to offer. Day and weekend photo trips to national parks, state parks, beaches or zoos were his real learning days. But the places Peter really felt home at, was shooting live music performances. His drive to be a music photographer lead him to a photography position for a musical instrument manufacturer. This thrust Peter into working directly with professional musicians, both in the photo studio and live stage, for promotional shots that would be ?published in U.S. and International guitar and bass magazines.

But Peter’s lust for growth continued, and after the untimely death of his father, Peter enrolled at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and graduated with a certificate in vocal performance. He has since released his first ever music video and has his music featured on various internet radio stations.

He currently lives in San Diego county and spends his days as a graphic designer, freelance photographer/videographer, entrepreneur, parent, songwriter, writer and studies Wing Chun kung fu and Filipino martial arts.

Peter is also the founder of two start-ups, PennyBox music streaming site and Vento bottles.

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