Parking Lot Murder Thriller on Sale Today

Can the detectives catch a break and find out who killed Jay Conley and left him dead in the parking lot, or will a murderer go free in Silicon Valley?

Barefoot in the Parking Lot by Vineet Verma

Barefoot in the Parking LotConvinced that no one was present, she sneaked towards the front door, weapon ready for attack if the need arose.

When a dead body is discovered lying barefoot in a restaurant parking lot, detectives Angela White and Paul Conley are called in to investigate the strange and disturbing crime. The victim turns out to be Jay Sharma, the hotshot CEO of a famed AI company and tech powerhouse. Jay’s distraught wife can’t imagine who could want to kill him. But the deeper White and Conley wade into the evidence, the longer the suspect list grows.

The detectives soon come face-to-face with the dark and sordid world that lies just under Silicon Valley’s polished and pristine exterior. From jealous ex-lovers to rival tech giants, Jay has created powerful enemies, all of whom would be happy to see him dead–and all of whom have solid alibis.

White and Conley hit dead end after dead end. And when blackmail schemes and copycat murders come into play, finding Jay’s killer becomes increasingly more urgent. Can they catch a break, or will a murderer go free in Silicon Valley?

About the author of this parking lot murder thriller, Vineet Verma:

Vineet is a tech professional by day and has been a lifelong fan of mysteries, be it in books or on screen. He enjoys writing and creating a world of suspense that leaves his readers guessing until the end. With his debut novel, Barefoot in the Parking Lot, and the follow up short story, The Stick, he has fulfilled his dream of becoming a published author. He lives in San Jose, California with his wife and twin boys and hopes to keep writing for years to come.


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