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Wings of Crystal by Karen Kanouse

Wings of Crystal: An epic fantasy action adventure coming of age book (Wings of Destiny series 3) by Karen Kanouse

He swiped his hand over his face. “I think I’ve found my fellow Squires…or they found me, yeah, that might be more accurate.”

He cocked his head toward the mountains. “They’re pulsing out a call to arms, for more Squires to join our cause, to fight against the tyranny.” His eyes started glazing over again.
Zia still had her hand on his arm, feeling the electrical charge building again, like lightning gathered. She squeezed his arm, hard.

He started to turn Kicker’s head. Kicker danced in place, head turned to the left from Jakari’s pull on the reins but the mule didn’t want to leave Starwind’s side.

:I’m holding him here, bonded, but the magical call is strong.: Starwind’s mental voice sounded strained.

“Jakari!” She punched his shoulder with a doubled-up fist, one knuckle protruding for extra attention.

Shaking his head, Jakari gave her a bewildered look. “Why’d you do that?” he complained.
“Look, man, you almost disappeared on me again.”

Jakari dropped his head, rubbing his ears, opening and closing his mouth. “That pulse of magic is strong; must be several Squires working together.”

“Have you considered for one second that it’s a trap? Maybe they’re luring in Squires to bind you to their cause or anyone else who responds to their call,” Zia snapped, frustrated.
His eyes widened as he rubbed his nose with a finger. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

Zia said in a cross voice, “Something that strong and alluring can’t be good. If you’d been by yourself, you would’ve gone blindly to that call and we would’ve lost a fine man and magician.”

He scrubbed his face with his hands. “By the farts of the gods, I think you’re right; that might be how they’ve gotten so many Squires on their side. I’ve had a hard time believing so many would willingly join them but this would explain that. A lot of the ones I trained with were decent men for the most part, despite the harsh training methods.”

“If you’d been alone, I shudder to think of what would’ve become of you.”

“I owe you thanks for saving me, then.” He rubbed his shoulder, smiling ruefully. “That hurt but you brought me back.”

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The Tigers of Talighati by Dave Ryan Haaiski

The Tigers of Talighati: A Dangerous Game of Survival by Dave Ryan Haaiski

Early morning the next day, Yug is awakened by a faint noise emanating from the pond and wonders if it’s the animal he has been hoping for.
“Please let it be a small deer,” he prays to the food gods and proceeds stealthily, peeking every so often to spot the source of the sound.
Then, circling halfway around, he emerges from the bushes, and is at first shocked, then captivated by a beautiful young tigress relaxing in the pond. The startled tigress gives out a loud roar, snapping Yug back to reality and forcing him to give out a half-hearted roar in return.

“Who’s there with you, Queen Neema?” asks one of the dholes, who has just arrived at the edge of the overhang.

Yug freezes in fear thinking his days are numbered, as he is about to be exposed.
The tigress, who is not visible to the dhole, looks in his direction and hesitates, then turns back and looks intensely into Yug’s eyes and shouts, “No one. It’s just me. I was startled by what I thought was a croc in the pond, but it was just a thorny branch brushing past me.”

“But there were two roars in quick succession, something you hear when two tigers are about to fight.”

“Oh, I think the other roar was just my echo bouncing off the wall. It has happened earlier too; but it’s quite unpredictable, for it doesn’t happen always. Perhaps the conditions were right today.”

“Should we come to investigate, just to be safe?”

“No need. Everything’s fine here. I wish to relax in the pond a little longer.”

“Ok. Call us if you need anything.”

As soon as the dhole is gone, Neema turns to Yug and whispers, “Who are you? What are you doing here? If you plan to attack me, you will be killed by The Tyrant’s twelve dholes up there, put in charge to guard me. I don’t know why I didn’t expose you, but I will give you one chance to convince me it wasn’t a mistake. Now speak!”

Yug whispers back, “I am Yug, originally from the 5th territory and currently on the run from The Tyrant. I am not here to attack you, but will fight to death if attacked. My starvation brought me to this pond, hoping you were a deer. Please don’t expose me to the dholes; I am only days away from escaping to the mountains.”

Taking pity, Neema replies, “Oh, you are the ruler’s son! That vile Scoundrel came here a few weeks ago and gave the dholes strict instructions to keep an eye out for you.”

“What about you? Are you here by choice?”

“No, I am The Tyrant’s captive. He intends to make me his queen, but I hope that day never comes. Just a few days before The Tyrant captured this territory, I had accepted the erstwhile ruler’s proposal to be his mate. Unfortunately, The Tyrant killed him, and I could do nothing to save him, but if I help you escape, I will think I have redeemed myself to some extent. Plus, it will be a pleasure to work against The Tyrant.”

“Thank you so much. I thought I was going to die, but you have turned out to be my savior.”

“Thank me later, for we are not out of the woods yet. These dholes are extremely dangerous and terribly ruthless. Let me think how I can draw them away so you can escape.”

“Oh, there’s no need for that; I will leave when they are fast asleep tonight.”

“No, it’s not as easy as you think, for the only way out is going up that slope, and ever since Scoundrel’s visit, the dholes have made it impenetrable by occupying it at all times. They even take turns keeping vigil at night and will know when you try to leave.”

“But, then, how will I get past them?”

“I think I know how! But it will work only during the day, so get ready to run as fast as you can upon my signal.”

“But I can’t run fast and take precautions at the same time. I will end up leaving pugmarks everywhere.”

“Yes, but what choice do you have? You will be caught anyway if you don’t get out of here soon, for the mud has started wearing off your body. I can already detect a faint smell, and these are hounds.”

“What if I reapply the mud right now? It is barely a few meters away.”

“No, you run the risk of being seen. The only way out for you is for me to draw them away. As soon as they are gone, run!”

“What if I reapply the mud after they are gone?”

“No, you cannot afford to waste a single moment, for they can turn around at the slightest suspicion.”

“But, then, even where there are no pugmarks on certain stretches of the arc, they can still track me using my scent.”

“Yes, that is unavoidable. The good thing is that you are only days away from reaching the mountains, so the fact that they can track you is not that worrisome. Instead, focus on maximizing your chances by covering as much distance as possible. Rest only if you have to. Stay hidden from the sky. Once you are far enough, find something to mask your scent with. In the meantime, I will do my best to stall them for as long as possible.”

“Okay. So what is your plan?”

“In a short while, I am going to cry out, saying I was attacked by a tiger. That should be enough to send them running in the direction I point them to. You know what to do then. Hopefully, they won’t return till evening, giving you plenty of time to get as far away as possible.”

“That sounds good.”

“Oh, and one more thing. You need to scratch my forelimb and my body and make it look convincing.”

“No! No way! That’s not possible. I can never forgive myself if I hurt you.”

“Trust me, this is the only way. Do not worry; the scratches will go away. Now do it!”
And thus, with great reluctance, Yug scratches her with his sharp claws and awaits her next move.

She then leaves the pond area immediately, and upon reaching the inclined pathway, she screams, “Tiger! Tiger! A tiger just attacked me.”
The dholes rush down the slope and notice her injuries.

“Where is he?” asks the leader.

“He went further down the slope,” replies Neema. “Hurry!”

“Do not worry; we’ll catch him,” says the leader. “In the meantime, do not try to escape. You know we’ll track you down, and The Tyrant will kill you.”

“I am not going anywhere; you need to trust me by now,” replies Neema. “Now please hurry before he disappears forever!”

However, to her dismay, the pack leader picks only six dholes to go with him, leaving the other five in charge of her.

“Take Queen Neema to the overhang area; she’ll be safer up there,” he instructs them.
“Oh, no, this isn’t good,” worries Neema as she moves towards the overhang. “My plan works only if all of them are gone. What now?”

Yug, too, is confused, but he stays put, knowing he cannot escape. “Has the plan failed?” he wonders as he watches the search team leave.

Many minutes go by. Neema realizes she needs to do something quickly, for every minute lost increases Yug’s chances of getting discovered.
All of a sudden, she gets up and begins speeding down the slope, shouting, “I see him. I see him. He’s down there.”

The dholes are slow to react, not knowing whether to follow her or stay put.
Realizing their mistake, one of the dholes shouts, “Come on, you fools! We can’t lose sight of her.”

Seeing her plan work, Neema increases her speed and draws them farther and farther away.
Meanwhile, Yug moves stealthily towards the slope and peeks to see Neema and the dholes disappear from view.

“This is it!” he says. “It’s now or never.”
And with this, he takes off at top speed, leaving a trail of dust behind him.
When the dholes finally catch up with Neema, they find her sitting under a tree, panting furiously.
One of them asks, “Where is the tiger? Why did you not wait for us?”

Neema replies, “There was no time. What I thought was a tiger turned out to be a leopard, and it’s gone now. I just so badly wanted it to be that tiger, for I would have torn him to pieces…with your help, of course. I am sorry I messed up.”

Convinced by her act, the dholes decide to park themselves near her for the time being.
A few minutes later, one of the dholes asks, “Don’t we need to go back up the slope and station ourselves there?”

“No, silly,” says another. “We can be anywhere along this path. The area past the slope is more convenient, so we prefer staying there. For the time being, though, let’s just stay here and catch our breaths.”

Download The Tigers of Talighati while it’s free on Amazon 6/7 – 6/9.

The Truth by Ezichi Onyekwere

The Truth: You can do nothing against Me but always for Me (2 Cor 13: 8) by Ezichi Onyekwere

Ignorance, abuses, unappreciation and misunderstanding are among the greatest cause of pains within the soul in the walk of life. These conflicts instigated by these vices are a thing that are better managed in the presence of a truth about us that reveals, guide and supports our walk through Life.

Download The Truth by Ezichi Onyekwere while it’s free on Amazon June 1st.

Underneath Us by Maeve Harlow

Underneath Us: An Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Kinky Erotica: Brazen Bunker Book 1 by Maeve Harlow

I elbow my way to the front, curl my finger around the chain link fence, and gaze at him, trying to ignore the dreadful wails of the people all around me. He glances at the fence a few times before he sees me, looking away at first, then back to me when I keep staring him down. I’d spent all morning in my shared apartment doing my hair and make-up to look like I’m naturally this vibrant and touseled. The top I’m wearing is meant to draw attention.

I picked the biggest, meanest-looking of the six men on the other side of the fence, guarding the gate, helping the bunker’s lucky guests, keeping us plebs outside with the menacing weapons hung over their shoulders and on their belts. The last of the guests are arriving now, and only two men remain, private security hired by the Avinger family to protect them as they enter the bunker and keep order for the four years they’ll be inside.

“Please,” the woman next to me cries, “there must be room for more! We’ll die out here!”All around me, people push against the fence, screaming and crying, begging and threatening. The guards and the guests ignore them.

The man I chose has definitely noticed me by now, his eyes lingering on my exposed torso, the shirt I’m wearing light enough to make my two pierced nipples prominent. He says something to the other guard before walking over to me. I stay silent, trying my best to look scared but serene, as he looks me over. He jerks his head toward the main gate. I give him a small smile and push my way off the fence and through the throngs of sweaty, desperate people.

He unslings the massive automatic rifle and points it at the people pressing against the gate.“Get the fuck back. This is private property, I have every right to slaughter you. Move.”
As the people back away I push my way through, then wait for him to scan his handprint and retina to open the gate and let me through.

“Why does she get to live?” someone shouts from the fence next to us.
He snorts and grips my arm, walking towards the garage. Inside are a dozen vehicles, some for pleasure, some for protection. He walks me between two huge armored SUVs and roughly pushes me against one, resting his arm against the window so he’s leaning towards me, looking down at my face.

He’s white, with short brown hair shaved on the sides and longer on the top, and rough stubble that’s just starting to grey. I’m 5’10’ and he still towers over me, his thick biceps visible pressed against the sleeves of his black t-shirt. I resist the urge to inhale deeply. He smells delicious, maybe a bit too much cologne, but he’ll run out of that soon enough in the bunker. One of his eyebrows is pierced, and he has several more piercings along the edge of one ear.

“What do you want,” he says, his eyes flicking down to my chest.
“Four years is a long time to go without pussy.”
His mouth twitches into a quick grin before it returns to stern. “That’s a price I’m willing to pay for survival.”
I reach out and touch his chest, resting my hand between his pecs, then tracing it down his torso. “There’s a lot I’m willing to pay for my own survival.”
“I won’t be able to get you in.”
“So why am I here?”
He taps his finger on the glass next to me, licking his lower lip. “I want you.”
“I want you, too. But I’m here to make a deal.”
“It’ll be nearly impossible, they’re closing the door in—” he looks at his watch “—seven minutes.”
“That’s plenty of time to convince you to get me inside that bunker.”

I run my hand over his crotch, feeling his already semi-hard cock. He grabs my wrist and yanks it up, holding it over my head, pressing me against the car door. I gasp, trying to push him away at first, but giving in quickly, though he seems to enjoy my instinct to struggle.
“I’ll try to get you in. But here’s the deal. I’m going to get shedloads of shit for bringing you in, and you’ll need to work extra hard to prove your value to those people in there. And me…well, I’m gonna fuck you, obviously. But you should know: I don’t fuck vanilla.”

Download Underneath Us by Maeve Harlow while it’s free on Amazon May 26 – 28.

The Follow-Up by Casey Hail

The Follow-Up (Appalachian Ardor Book 1) by Casey Hail

I have a confession to make. It is a bit embarrassing, so let me preface it with the following: I am cautious. I don’t take risks with people or my job. The last thing I want is to crawl back to California with my tail between my legs and admit that my mom was right. Just the thought of that makes my stomach churn. I have worked too hard to get to this point in my life. I finally have some room to breathe. Nothing is worth risking that.

But then I met Jace…. and my aversion to taking risks bolted out the door. As of today, I am likely the only doctor at my clinic to hook up with a patient… in my exam room, of all places. How’s that for a confession from someone who gives you your flu shot?

No, this is not the start of a bad porno. I’m not making this up. There is more to this story. Seriously, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Doctor-patient hookup sounds so cringy. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll take you back to the beginning, and you can see for yourself exactly how I ended up in the predicament I am in…which is currently half-naked but fully satisfied and trying to throw my scrubs back on before anyone walks in on me.

Download The Follow-Up by Casey Hail while it’s on sale on Amazon May 24 – 31.