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Free March 3 – 4

On The Run by J. M. Parker

Out on yet another drunken night, Bannon, an idealistic but self-destructive dive guide, gets caught in a drunken barroom brawl. An unexpected accident the next day leaves a diver he’s responsible for stranded in the ocean. With the booze still on his breath, and terrified of the consequences, Bannon goes on the run.

Desperate for a way out of Thailand he strikes up with the Frenchman, a charismatic but ruthless drug smuggler offering Bannon a chance at freedom in return for one ‘small’ favor.  As the two men travel toward the Golden Triangle, Bannon crosses paths with Alina, a beautiful traveler searching for a rare and powerful hallucinogenic. As Bannon begins to fall for Alina, and the Frenchman’s sinister designs continue to unfold, he is pulled deeper into a world of drugs, danger, and deceit. A world from which there is seemingly no escape.

Dark, suspenseful, and full of exotic locations, On the Run takes you on a wild, violent, ride through the sordid underbelly of mid 90’s Thailand.


Free eBook March 2  – 4

Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1) — Amy Lamont

When introvert Emma Glover makes a bet with her friends to see who can have the wildest adventure by New Year’s, she has no intention of winning. She might spend her days writing about sex for her syndicated news column, but her nights are all about takeout and flannel pajamas.

When her friend challenges her to live out one of the sexual escapades she writes about, Emma knows she won’t be able to follow through. But that’s before she lays eyes on a sexy stranger across a crowded hotel lobby.  Read More…

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Featured eBook Today

Featured eBook

Scorpio Sons 4: Chase: (SF/Shifter Romance) — Nhys Glover

You can’t escape your destiny, even if you want to. And Chase Scanlan has wanted to all his life. Even so, he follows his destiny and becomes the leader of the Scorpio Sons, making duty and the responsibility for saving the world his only priorities. Until fate steps in again, presenting him this time with a mate he doesn’t want. Not because she isn’t beautiful or smart enough, or doesn’t stir his blood, because she does all that and more. But because she is too young and damaged, and he has no desire to destroy yet another person who loves him. Continue reading

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Featured eBook Feb. 19 – 21

CRYSTAL’S BALL by Ron Briglia

featured ebook
An offbeat love story between a writer and a mysterious woman from his past that takes place in a Northern California coastal town. Their story is paralleled with a similar romance between a logger and a schoolteacher in the 1890’s from the same coastal town.



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Free eBooks Feb. 16 – 22

Free eBooks available on Amazon this week!

By James Harper, Deborah Fox, R.C. Fettig, Will Paoletto, Lee S. Hawke, K.M. Liss, Debra Dier, Anna Zaires, Hazel Kelly, Cathy Bryant, Ellie Danes, Nadia Brown, Justin Sloan, Hana Goldberg, Isabel Uys, Manolis Messinis, M.G. Hawking, Stacy Juba, Ron Briglia, Clayton Rogers, Melinda Rivers, Jim Chatterton, Nhys Glover, Gerard Henry, Scarlett Avery, Sam Croft, Linda Hubalek, J.B. Simmons, Jason Daughtry, and Katherine Greyson.

Free eBook Feb. 15 – 20

Therapy (Dr Sex Series Book 1) — K.M. Liss

When I arrived for the RB Groupie Sex Workshop I had no idea what to expect.
I’d done some research on our host, Dr Sex…
The exceptionally handsome and highly regarded sex therapist, Ryan Brantwell.
But what lay in store within those four walls was at that moment unknown.
As the days progressed I found myself being torn to shreds inside.
My world being tipped upside down.
And that was just the very start of things…


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Free eBooks Available Feb. 9 – 15

Free eBooks available on Amazon this week are by Christine Sherborne, R. L. Mosz, Brian G. Burke, Nancy Gathecha, Nick Logan, David Antocci, Sheryl Carkhum-Lord, Dr. John Hayes, Kristin Holt, Bonnie Scott, Nhys Glover, Justin Desjardins, James Harper, Deborah Fox, Rachelle Ayala, Natalie-Nicole Bates, R.C. Fettig, Thomas Green, M.G. Hawking, Lee S. Hawke, and Glenda Goertzen. Continue reading