Niles Myde by A.D.H. Thomas is Free Today

Niles Myde: A dark psychological thriller by A.D.H. Thomas

Niles Myde: A dark psychological thriller by A.D.H. ThomasDr. Niles Myde wanted to forget his career in criminal psychology and disappear into the busy city. With the chance meeting of Simon, a mysterious and traumatised young man, Myde’s escape and quiet retirement is shattered.

The young man’s mysterious past suppressed by fear, anger, and passion fascinate Niles. As Myde attempts to peel back the layers of Simon’s life, he is unaware of the danger lurking in the truth.

Simon reveals links to a mysterious friend, Jacob, connected to a horrific murder that has sent the city into lockdown. Now, to find a psychotic killer and free Simon’s innocent mind, Niles is thrown into a final confrontation that will take them both to the brink of destruction and salvation.

NILES MYDE is the debut novel from A.D.H. Thomas. It is a gripping psychological thriller that will have its audience guessing until the last crucial scene.

Gripping story with a thrilling twist!!!!

About the author of Niles Myde, A.D.H. Thomas:

author of Niles Myde, A.D.H. ThomasI am a designer and illustrator by trade who loves telling stories. I have been writing within several genres over the past 8 years. I live in Melbourne with my wife and Golden Retriever. I love dark, psychological thrillers, sci-fi, and fantasy.


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