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Free March 3 – 4

On The Run by J. M. Parker

Out on yet another drunken night, Bannon, an idealistic but self-destructive dive guide, gets caught in a drunken barroom brawl. An unexpected accident the next day leaves a diver he’s responsible for stranded in the ocean. With the booze still on his breath, and terrified of the consequences, Bannon goes on the run.

Desperate for a way out of Thailand he strikes up with the Frenchman, a charismatic but ruthless drug smuggler offering Bannon a chance at freedom in return for one ‘small’ favor.  As the two men travel toward the Golden Triangle, Bannon crosses paths with Alina, a beautiful traveler searching for a rare and powerful hallucinogenic. As Bannon begins to fall for Alina, and the Frenchman’s sinister designs continue to unfold, he is pulled deeper into a world of drugs, danger, and deceit. A world from which there is seemingly no escape.

Dark, suspenseful, and full of exotic locations, On the Run takes you on a wild, violent, ride through the sordid underbelly of mid 90’s Thailand.


Free eBook March 2  – 4

Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1) — Amy Lamont

When introvert Emma Glover makes a bet with her friends to see who can have the wildest adventure by New Year’s, she has no intention of winning. She might spend her days writing about sex for her syndicated news column, but her nights are all about takeout and flannel pajamas.

When her friend challenges her to live out one of the sexual escapades she writes about, Emma knows she won’t be able to follow through. But that’s before she lays eyes on a sexy stranger across a crowded hotel lobby.  Read More…

Free eBook March 1 – 4

Hamfist Over Hanoi: Wolfpack on the Prowl by G.E.Nolly

Air Force pilot Hamilton “Hamfist” Hancock thinks he has left the Vietnam War behind him, after completing a hazardous tour of duty as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) flying over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. He is based at Yokota Air Base, in Japan, and becomes comfortable flying generals and other VIPs around Asia in his Sabreliner executive jet. He is adjusting to his new marriage, and aside from the stress of TDY assignments, life is placid.

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Free March 1 – 5

Sucker – Mark Lingane

Van H. Avram, PI, stumbles from case to case, getting by on his good looks and appeal to desperate dames. But when a missing-person case dumps the body of a skinny blond thing on his doorstep, he finds himself plummeting into the clutches of an underworld intent on human sacrifice. An underworld of biblical origin.

An ancient evil rises up to destroy the world and, without asking for it, Van is thrust into the role of savior. As reality—and the occasional building—collapses around him, Read More…


Free eBook March 1 – 5

How to Meet New People – Daniel Ramsey

You are about to discover ways and means to increase your chances of meeting new people and establishing new relationships with them. Have you always found it hard to talk to new people? Are you more comfortable when nobody is looking at you or when you are alone and yet, all you really wish for is company? This e book will help you not only make successful relations but also keep them. This eBook will help you build fostering relations for your life. It may help you meet and impress the girl/guy you love or may reconcile differences which have been created   Read More…


Free eBook March 4 – 5

Snuffy and Vroom-Vroom by Elizabeth Lavine

An adorable little vacuum cleaner’s life is turned upside down when his beloved brother is purchased–and he’s left behind at the store. Just when his heartbreak seems too much to bear, a magical friend arrives. She breaks the spell of sadness and sets in motion a chain of events that cause a surprising serendipity!

This book is beautifully illustrated with 16 full-color illustrations by award-winning artist Sheila McGraw, illustrator of the children’s classic Love You Forever.
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Free eBook March 4 – 5

Coping with Chronic Pain, a Team Effort! For You and Your Partner — Anna Raymann

Do you suffer from invisible chronic pain and does it cause you to have a hard time maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with your significant other? Does your partner not understand what you go through and what you really need? Do you act tough, trying not to come across as whiny, leading to more pain and you not getting sufficient help and support?

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Free eBook March 5 – 6

Trigger Finger — Jackson Spencer Bell

When two intruders break into his house one night bent on attacking his family, Kevin Swanson fights back–with deadly consequences. In the aftermath, he rockets from obscure lawyer to local hero overnight–a hero to everyone, that is, except for a strange man who calls in to a local talk radio show when Kevin appears as a guest. The caller, who won’t reveal his name, has a message: Kevin is no hero. And his story about what happened isn’t even close to accurate. Suddenly, Kevin finds himself thrust into the center of one violent crime after another,  Read More…


Free eBook March 6 – 7

Killing West by Lee Gimenez

When rumors surface that Chinese billionaire Zhao Deng is secretly buying American tech companies, CIA operative Rachel West is dispatched to investigate. Rachel’s search leads her to China, then Russia, and across Europe. As she unravels the truth, she’s thrust into a deadly global jigsaw puzzle, facing assassins, corrupt politicians, and betrayal by her own agency. After surviving several harrowing attempts on her life, Rachel finally uncovers the shocking truth. Billionaire Zhao is only the front man in a plot to control the world’s Internet.   Read More…


Free eBook March 7

The Hunt by Sophia Grace

Revenge is sweet but deadly. When Jack overhears a conversation about Nazis killings during World War II, he becomes obsessed with tracking down the murderers. After going undercover in a rogue German chatroom of active participants in the war decades ago, his focus is directed at eliminating every one of them. With the aid of the mysterious NH-Group, not only are his goals attained, he and a captivating agent hunt down the top-ranked killers.

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Free eBook Feb. 25 – 28

Just in Time, Valentine — Natalie-Nicole Bates

A new short story Valentine romance from best-selling author, Natalie-Nicole Bates.

Life keeps getting better every day for Anissa Blake. She is embarking on a new business, she’s nominated for a prestigious award for her volunteerism, and best of all, she is dating a handsome Brazilian neurosurgery resident she’s positively crazy about.

This Valentine’s Day promises to be the best ever!
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Free eBook Feb. 24 – 28

Dream Student (Dream Series, Book 1) (Dreams series) — J.J. DiBenedetto

The second book in the Dream Series, DREAM DOCTOR, is also on sale for a limited time!!

College junior Sara Barnes thought her life was totally under control. All she had to worry about was her final exams, Christmas shopping, applying to medical school – and what to do about the cute freshman in the next dorm with a crush on her. Everything was going according to plan, until the night she started seeing other people’s dreams.

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Free eBook Feb. 24 – 28

Grumpy Old Wizards by John O’Riley

Fifty years after the Disaster, the world is vastly different from days of old. Wizardry is the norm and magical talent is categorized. Josephine O’Connor, an eighty-four-year-old with a penchant for off-beat antics, is a category six, which means she possesses magical powers as rare as they are unsettling and a talent for psychometry that is so strong and acute that she can read the psychic impressions in a room without touching anything.

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Free eBook Feb. 27 – 28

The Training of Scarlet Worthy by Sara Plum

When a young woman escapes the repressive farm life to attend an equally stifling all-girl college, her need for love and acceptance leads her to a summer job assisting a senior aristocratic mystery woman in southern England. Her infatuation with her beautiful mistress leads her to a wildly bizarre term of sexual slavery, but through a series of erotic and lusty events, she is rewarded for her abilities while discovering her true beauty, and a leadership power that she was unaware she possessed. Read More…


Free eBook Feb. 26 – 27

Belvedor and the Four Corners by Ashleigh Bello

WIN OR DIE. Whichever your fate, freedom is certain.

In the world of Olleb-Yelfra, everyone is born a slave and raised in the City of the Four Corners. The city is comprised of four districts—Healer, Creator, Agrarian, and Warrior—each playing a key role in the world’s ultimate survival.


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Free eBook Feb. 25 – 27

What If It’s True? by Dixie Burns

Cedar Hill is a good town, a solid town. Neat and efficient in all its circumstances and the citizens go along to get along. “Nothing” happens over and over. That is until Clarissa Clooney moves to town. A recent, fifty-something divorcee, she is looking to start all over where nobody knows her name. Clarissa suffers the fate of all newcomers in a small Southern town where tongues wag, but few heads think.

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Free eBook Feb. 23 – 27

Afterworld: The Orion Rezner Chronicles Book 1 by Michael James Ploof

Influenced by the works of Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, and Charlaine Harris. The Orion Rezner Chronicles is a paranormal urban fantasy set in the post-apocalyptic future. With its mix of humor, heart thumping action, and a unique magic system, blended with technology and old world lore, it is sure to please anyone looking for their fantasy fix.


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Free eBook Feb. 20 – 24

Light in the Gloaming (The Gloaming Book One) — J.B. Simmons

“The Gloaming was worse than the grave…”

Or so Tryst believed when he banished the former prince to this secret and brutal exile. Now Tryst sits on the throne of Valemidas. He feasts with nobles and prepares an army to conquer the world.

But things are never as stable as they seem. Old loyalties remain.

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Free eBook Feb. 21 – 25

FACADES CRUMBLE Contemporary Romance Saga: Part 2 (EVERYONE KEEPS SECRETS) by Katherine Greyson

When tragedy strikes a family, the fall out can be devastating. For Police Chief Robert Kendall, life and death is part of the job, but what if tragedy hits home? While Robert is hot on the trail of a group of cunning drug dealers, he thinks about mistakes from his past—and the secrets that lay hidden there. Then in the second half of Facades Crumble, we return to present day Stony Creek as Simplicity continues to hunt down more answers to the handsome riddle known as Jake Hanson, but will her digging put her in grave danger?
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Free eBook Feb. 28 – March 1

Younger Skin in 30 Days or Less: Every Woman’s Guide to Natural Skin Care — Shawna Sparlin

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what the heck happened? Acne, dark spots and wrinkles are common skin issues we will all face at some point in our lives. Women spend billions of dollars on expensive products every year to correct these problems. But are the expensive creams and lotions really doing what they promise?


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Free eBook Feb. 27 – March 1

Chronicles of M: Book 1 by Nicholas Forristal

When your first day of retirement starts with being a hostage during a robbery, it’s probably a bad sign. Then, you reluctantly agree to work for a company that houses and tends to a sociopathic super human named M. Your first task: head out to a small town and investigate a series of mysterious murders. Add to that a car chase, people shooting at you, supernatural craziness and you have the life of Samuel Horn.

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Free eBook Feb. 27 – March 1

Love Thy Sister by Maria Grazia Swan

Italian-born Mina Calvi lives in a mansion in idyllic Orange County, California with her protective older sister, Paola. Unemployed again and aimless, Mina can’t seem to find her niche in her adopted country, but confusion and restlessness soon become the least of her problems. Someone is stealing from the software business owned by Paola and her husband, losses so great the business is sinking like the Titanic.

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Free eBook Feb. 27 – March 1

Fae Queen by Lynn Landes

Caderyn is on a mission. To design a fairy tale garden for a little girl and put her company, Secret Gardens on the map! She does not have time for romance, and she does not believe in fairy tales.
But, fate has a mind of its own…
An ancient race is in need of a savior, and it has chosen Caderyn. In the blink of an eye, she is thrown into the world of the Fae.


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