A Non-Believer’s Near Death Experience

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Dying to Really Live (NDE Insight Series Book 1) by Duane Smith

near death experienceA Non-Believer’s Near Death Experience

The surprising true story of hope and inspiration about a young Agnostic who, seemingly, had everything. Then, a Stanford Medical doctor diagnosed him with an incurable medical condition, giving him 5 months to live and sending him home to get his affairs in-order. In time, being an agnostic, the young man became use to the idea of death, expecting only oblivion.

However, he was wrong. Instead of oblivion, he was taken to an amazing Afterlife where he learned just how wrong he had been about so much. Later he was returned to this life to tell his story; to tell people that there is nothing to fear in death, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Death is just the beginning of a new adventure either there, here or somewhere else.

This is Book I of the NDE series (near death experience) telling of his death and his original 2 trips to the afterlife. Book II and III relate what he saw, did and learned during the other 4 return trips, as he was prepared to write his story. Book IV, foretells of what we can expect in the coming few decades; the most exciting time in human history as God unfolds the final part of his creation.

Q. So, what makes the Near Death Experience Insight Series special?
A. Perhaps, if anything, it’s because, I was a Non-Believer in anything religious or spiritual, when I died. So, I wasn’t expecting Heaven or Hell, just nothingness. However, when I died, no one waiting for me there, cared what I thought. I was just taken to the Afterlife, as I had no say in the matter.

Q. So, who should read the NDE Insight Series Books?
A. I am not sure anyone “should” read it. However, if a person wants to learn more about their purpose of life on earth, having unanswered questions about life, the Afterlife, and why we’re here, this may be of interest.

Q. Did your near death experience change you in any way?
A. Completely, in almost every way. Before I died, I thought I had this life all figured out. I thought that “He who has the most toys when he dies, wins.” And when I died, I was doing pretty well by that measurement. However, I found I didn’t have anything figured out. In fact, I had almost everything wrong.

Q. I see there are 4 books in the Near Death Experience Series. Are they all about your death and return?
A. No, Book I, “Dying to Really Live” covers my original death and trip to the afterlife, plus being taken back there again a few months later.

Q. If Book I covers all that, what are the other 3 three books in the series about?
A. Book II, “Beyond the Afterlife”, tells of what it was like to be back on earth after being in the afterlife. It also is what I saw, did and learned the other 4 times I was again returned to the Afterlife. Then, in Book III I write of what I was assigned to do between trips to the afterlife, where I was preparing for what I was really sent back to do.

Q. And what, then, was the purpose of your being sent back.
A. I was sent back to tell my story; to tell people that we have it all wrong about life on earth. First, death is just the beginning, not an end. Also, we come to earth for fun, adventure and learning, planning each life long before each incarnation.

Q. And, that leaves the 4th book. What is it about?
A. Book IV, “Living in a New Tomorrow” concerns what to expect in the coming few decades, as the rate of change continues to accelerate in preparation for a new tomorrow, promised long ago.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about this “New Tomorrow”?
A. Well, in short, it’s been called The Age of Aquarius, The Rapture, Return to the Edenic State, or sometimes, The End of Times. However, whatever you call it, it is the most exciting time in the history of the material world. Many alive have seen its beginnings and will see its fruition.

Q. Is there anything further you would like to say?
A. It will be helpful to remember that, God will never withdraw man’s right to his own free will, which includes the right to be wrong about most of what he believes.

About the Author

Duane F. SmithDuane F. Smith’s unusual background and life experience provided a unique perspective about the time we chose to be on this planet. Born dyslexic himself, he found his early schooling a challenge. Barely finishing high school, he left to join the Army and had his life changed forever.
In the Army’s infinite wisdom, this man who had, himself, struggled in school was assigned to teach in an experimental program designed by the University of Maryland, for the Army. The University had developed a teaching technique that they called Programmed Learning and were experimenting with 350 illiterate draftees who, for whatever reason, had never attended school. The University had designed the program to take these men from grades 1 through grade 12, thereby allowing them to qualify for a high school GED, which was the minimum standard required to serve in the Armed Forces. However, the goal of the program defied any conventional logic at the time. The program was to take these men from the 1st grade to passing a 12th -grade equivalency test . . . in 90 days!

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