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A Kick-Ass Guide to Smarter Money Habits: Fresh ideas to transform your money habits TODAY and put your money to work for YOU (TheMoolahMaestro Series Book 1) by K.M. MacVey

A Kick-Ass Guide to Smarter Money HabitsRegardless of your income level, poor money habits can deeply affect your life, destroying any hope of security and happiness or ultimately, the ability to retire. If you have money issues, are living paycheck to paycheck, hopelessly mired in debt, it may be time to re-think and transform your habits. Sometimes we have bad habits that if we knew better, we would do better. Sometimes we just need better tools. And for some of us, all that we need are a few new money tips.

This book is an effort to educate; to give you the knowledge you need to change your habits to better match your priorities and along the way, live links to some effective tools to help. The author provides tips on money management with each chapter dedicated to one of 7 phases of money management, habits she used to turn around over $100,000 of debt into over $100,000 of savings and investments in less than 5 years.

In Chapter 1 you’ll learn some budget planning habits, and some popular budgeting tools to help. Chapter 2 focuses on how to set money goals, both short-term and long-term according to your priorities. In Chapter 3, you’ll learn about some bad habits to avoid with common spending triggers and how to control your emotions about money. Chapter 4 provides tips on how to save in every category of your budget, suggesting new habits and tools to significantly lower bills. Habits to raise income are presented in Chapter 5 with ideas on how to make more at work and outside of work. In Chapter 6, tips to reduce debt quickly are explained, with the ultimate goal of habits that promote debt-free living. Finally, Chapter 7 is all about developing habits to grow your money in savings and investing.

You CAN live on less, pay off debt, and retire with more with Smarter Money Habits!


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