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MIND POWER Book 2The Mind is the seat of will-power, control, manifestation, and reasoning. Anything imaginable is possible and achievable provided effort is made and directed into the right place. Everything starts from the subconscious and with the power of constant and consistent repeating of collocating thinking-reasoning-imagination-creativity, faith and through renewal of the mind. You will attract what you project by thinking, reasoning, and meditation. People will call you what you call yourself and place the value you worth on you as you reveal the high born trait. Your level of imagination must parley with great faith established on the power of focus and target function.

You can only add value to your life by maximizing the efficacies of the mind. Your prospect will increase with developing concepts adopted by increase in knowledge, temperamental understanding, cogitative reasoning, skill acquisition, meditative prowess, and projecting good value. Research has shown that an average man can generate $85Billion Dollars in his lifetime regardless of the location he finds himself.

You are the limit to your life and no other person. Nobody can defeat you unless you succumb to it; Napoleon declined some easy positions and went on to become General and Emperor in France.

Winning from within will stir up the spirit of excellence in you with power of imagination and focus on the intangible nature unique to you-Talent. Talents are gemstones and resources of the mind aim at supporting your life. Talent fetches more money than all certificates combined; the worst thing that can happen to a man is to trade away his talent for a paltry.
Raise the bar, increase your worth, activate your intellectual resources, move in the right direction and motivate yourself with achiever’s mentality in a dire world.

This book will train and teach you how to harness your worth in all ramifications as yield to a stern resolve by burning the bridge behind you and moving forward into victory.
Discover how to utilize the power of mind leverage in determining financial projectile, maximum profit, fantastic product image, branding, successful life, breaking jinx of recurrent failure, constructive thinking, money-generating ideas and excellent business model.
This book highlights the fundamentals of the human mind as the most powerful tools for dominating the scene in any field of life. You are what you think!

“For as he thinks his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:17
Purpose and pursuit are linked to progressive imagination and aligned with four basic temperaments for proper understanding of strength and weakness of each of them. Winning from within is a Practical guide to peaceful living and freedom from stressful mind is elevated for sound health and problem-free life. MAXIMIZING THE EFFICACIES OF THE MIND reveals that THE MIND IS NOT A SUBSET OF DNA BUT IMAGINATION.
Every thing that man has ever imagined has become reality ; city landscapes has become splendid due to beautiful creations.WINNING FROM WITHIN is a detailed surefire book that is written to liberate you from the grip of negative mentality, evil forebodings,anger, worry, anxiety, fear, high blood pressure, poverty mentality, sorrow, grief of loss, pain in the heart, self-pity, condemnation, low morale, bastardized conscience, superstitions, traditions of men, errors, deceit, and other soul penetrating thorns set in array in the world.

It is a timely message for this generation about the power embedded on the human mind and the enormous size of things it can accomplish if properly managed and utilized for positive purposes. Many people wonder why they cannot move forward in life as everything they lay their hands on fails, as a result they are frustrated because of many years of struggle due to poor management of their mind.

The purpose of this book is to reveal sound biblical principles needed to fortify the human mind against evil forebodings, pessimism and under performance.


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