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Origins is book 1 in the Century City 3 book series by Mike Solyom and is free today on Amazon.

Origins (Century City Book 1) by Mike Solyom 

Mike Solyom - Free Military Science FictionA terrorist nation. A secret cabal. High seas piracy. The world is in flames. These are the stories of the heroes putting out the fire.

The pirate hunters of the B.A.M.F. sail the straits of the South Pacific. They’re all that stand between innocent mariners and the lawlessness that has taken root as nations descend into civil war. They have a track record of victory, but when sea going slavers put a hundred men, women, and children under the gun, victory doesn’t look like a sure thing anymore.

Download book 1 of the Century City series by Mike Solyom while it’s free today on Amazon.

Alexis Isadora is fighting the war against terrorism the best way she can, as an intelligence officer in her nation’s armed forces. She’s among the best of the best and is closing in on the terrorists’ biggest supplier, an underworld arms dealer known as the Octopus. But as she closes the noose on the Octopus the tables are turned on her.

Chad Riley is a US Navy SEAL, the apex predators of the world’s armed forces. He’s been trained for war by a nation that has declared itself neutral in world politics. His unit has been sidelined while the rest of the world fights for survival. But all that changes one day when a mysterious group infiltrates US airspace and reveals a secret no one ever imagined possible.

Follow along as these heroes fight against the tides of chaos and unravel the mysteries hidden within Century City.

About the author, Mike Solyom:

Mike SolyomMike Solyom is an immigrant to the United States from Hungary. He joined the US Air Force where he learned to program computers, build secure networks, spin a M1 Garand rifle, and how to properly secure an armored vehicle to the deck of a cargo plane. At one point he was even called on to augment the base security force where he would perform a late night room-to-room sweep of the base gym in search of a burglar and later pull a drunk second lieutenant off of the wing of a B-52 static display.

After his time in the Air Force Mike landed a job as a programmer at the NSA where he would find out that the world portrayed in the 24-hour news cycle is very different from what really happened. Mike Solyom now lives in Maryland where he spends his free time in an underground bunker writing about superheroes and special operators doing things that will never show up in a 24-hour news cycle.

Visit Mike Solyom on his blog: https://mikesolyom.wordpress.com/

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