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Mermaid Cliff by Brandon Rohrbaugh

Mermaid Cliff by Brandon RohrbaughSecrets come to light in this supernatural mystery, sending one teen on a journey that will change his life – forever.

Rockport is a small, seaside town. After the new girl’s body is found beneath the iconic, Mermaid Cliff, a group of teens will hunt for the killer or become the next victim. The town is thrust into the national spotlight, forcing an investigation into the town’s darkest secrets.

The townspeople have always preferred to stay out of the spotlight. They have their own traditions and secrets. The most intriguing part of Rockport, however, is the Legend of Mermaid Cliff. It’s not a science fiction story of vampires or werewolves. It’s not a fantasy tale of magic or superpowers. The Legend of Mermaid Cliff is a reminder; a reminder to the townspeople of their sinister past.
One boy, Mark Parker, swears to avenge the death of the girl found murdered beneath the cliff. Mark recruits the help of some friends and begin to unravel the mysteries of Rockport. The events that transpire during the investigation send Mark on a path that will make him question everything he ever knew.
Be sure to check out book 2 and 3 in the Mermaid Cliff series:
Book 2 – The Chosen One
Book 3 – The Resistance

About the author of the Mermaid Cliff series, Brandon Rohrbaugh:

Mermaid Cliff series author, Brandon RohrbaughBrandon Rohrbaugh was born in Hanover, PA and grew up with six brothers and sisters. Now living in historic Gettysburg, PA Brandon lives with his wife and two kids. He enjoys writing young adult mystery, fantasy, and science fictions with a twist. He continues to push himself and learn new techniques every day and will continue creating creative fiction stories to share.

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