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Memoirs Of The Senator’s Wife by S. M. Ford

Memoirs Of The Senator's Wife by S. M. FordMemoirs Of The Senator’s Wife is an international best selling saga of a dark romance involving a handsome politician, a forbidden love affair between the politician’s wife with a sensuous Secret Service agent, and the magic that influenced history. Set during the ’50s to the present-day; their romance spans decades of the most turbulent times in America.

Xavier Cyrus meets and marries the impoverished Estella in college during a tumultuous courtship. Being a member of a wealthy prominent political family, Xavier runs for Congress and easily wins. Thrusting his new family into the exciting DC social scene and an Ancient Secret Society’s magic sexual rituals.

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However, Xavier’s abuse and indiscretions with celebrities quickly destroy their marriage. Due to the responsibilities of motherhood and duty Estella remains in her unhappy marriage but finds love with her kind and gentle protector, Michael. Will Estella abandon her responsibilities to live happily ever after with Michael or will she remain in the glamorous and powerful world of a Senator’s wife?

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Memoirs 5 starsGet ready for the ride!


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