Marvin Wilmes’s Episode 2 is on sale!

Marvin WilmesBattlefield memories. Friendships tested. Romance discovered.

Roger Wilson continues his coming of age adventure as secrets of the heart are revealed after Anita Barlow recovers from her coma. He forges new friendships in California while repairing the one of Mark Meyers in Blair, Nebraska.

Meanwhile, his brother’s memories of the Vietnam War return to haunt him as his demons from the past won’t let him go. Where will Paul Wilson be able to find release?

The small band of Midwestern friends learn to rely on each other as they cope with the changes occurring in their young lives as Wayne Bennett and Dave Alspeedy continue to be drawn in to the mysteries surrounding their new friend.

The dark man continues to watch from the shadows as Zeke attempts to work his magic on Roger’s soul through an encounter on a California beach.

Will Roger be able to decipher the angel’s message to him in time to experience the love that he was meant to or will he continue to stumble in the dark?

What obstacles threaten to overcome the Wilson brothers and their pursuit of happiness?

More secrets are revealed in The Golden Key: A Quest for Freedom Episode Two as Zeke and the dark man continue to face off over Roger’s soul.

About the author, Marvin Wilmes:

Marvin WilmesMarvin Wilmes is an observer of the human condition, writes about life’s passions, faith and hope and opens the reader’s eyes to “the process.” In addition to a memoir, Marvin is bringing to the arena a contemporary post Vietnam War era fantasy in three episodes. Marvin is an Iowa resident with Missouri roots, a cancer survivor and most of all, an eclectic storyteller. Writing from a diverse background of experience, Marvin celebrates the the gift of hope and faith in God’s purpose for living life and living it more abundantly.


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