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Kindle eBook marketing strategies*Updated Version February 2015 – Now with links to 50 websites to promote your Kindle “Free Days!”

You’ve spent hours writing your book, make sure people can find it. I can help you with the complicated and frustrating process of increasing your online visibility.

  • I’ll give you detailed instructions to fine-tune your product description.
  • Provide you with up-to-date information to choose the appropriate categories.
  • Furnish specific directions so you can find the correct keywords.
  • Help you set up your Amazon Author Page.
  • Share information on guaranteed ways to get more reviews.
  • Detailed help using Kindle Promotions, including links to 50 websites that will promote your book.
  • Offer tips for marketing your eBook on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & other social media sites.

So, if you’re new to eBook marketing, or looking for some new tips, let’s Sell More Books!

About the author, Jim Liston:

Jim ListonJim Liston grew up in the wild 70s in St. Louis, Missouri. A musician all of his life, he spent most of his early adult years traveling as a drummer in rock bands. He currently plays the mandolin and is part of a bluegrass duo with his wife.

He has been helping Indie authors promote and market their books on Fiverr and his website, and has written his first non-fiction, Sell More Books.

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