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Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era by N.R. Lovitt

Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era by N.R. LovittA massive magical event flips the normal world on its head, and the masses are suddenly gifted a wide array of abilities. Ezreth never intended to create magical chaos, but now he has to deal with the unfamiliar world he’s become a part of.

Ms. Vulpine, a mysterious historian child of a wealthy family becomes fixated on finding the magical culprit, while her new assistant, Sam, becomes increasingly interested in unraveling her well-kept secrets.

Among those affected by the magical event, Chip, a quiet high school senior that wanders through life ignoring what everyone says. When he’s finally given the spotlight he never asked for, he’s forced to choose: use his newfound power for good or evil?

An age of magic dawns and many dangers come along with it. Ezreth may have the experience, but he is out of touch with how much society has changed. And when those who have little power are suddenly given it, the results are catastrophic for everyone.

Amazon Review for Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era by N.R. Lovitt:

It’s a funny story until the end

The overall story is a comedy but has moments when it’s depressing. Ezreth is pretty much from a different world and his view on life when he talks to Jess reminds me of when a kid asks you why you go to work every day. You tell him it’s because you need money then the kid constantly asks why. That sad feeling you get in the back of your mind thinking why also, this book makes you feel that. This book by Lovitt has a lot of setup for something big because it mentions news from around the world a lot. It was interesting, funny, and relatable. Long action scenes.

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