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How To Lose Belly Fat: The Ultimate Guide To Losing Unwanted Belly Fat and Keeping It Off Forever!! (How To Choose The Best Diet For You, Weight Watchers, … Diabetes, Getting Fit: Staying Fit) by Samantha Wells

Finally Shed That Unwanted Belly Fat And Get The Waistline You Have Always Wanted!!

Did you know belly fat can put you at risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus, inflammatory diseases, bone loss, cancer, stroke, and the development of cardiac disease? How To Lose Belly Fat: The Ultimate Guide To Losing Unwanted Belly Fat And Keeping It Off will guide you through the treacherous waters of belly fat loss so that you can significantly lower your risk of contracting serious diseases while having more energy and feeling better about yourself. Inside you will learn why having a wide waistline is so much more of a detriment to your health compared to any other accumulation of fat.

Citing the most up-to-date peer-reviewed studies in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and psychology, this book discusses in stark detail the different habits that contribute to belly fat and why. How To Lose Belly Fat will give you suggestions on how to modify your lifestyle so you can efficiently slim your midsection. The book also explores the effectiveness of different methods and products that claim to melt away belly fat. Fad diets, detoxes, and crunches are all put under the microscope and examined.

What emerges is a scientifically-proven plan that is geared specifically for belly fat loss. Losing belly fat takes much more than just arbitrarily cutting down on calories. Diet, exercise, sleep patterns, stress, hydration, and dealing with cravings are among the topics discussed in this book in a concise and friendly manner. It doesn’t stop there, of course. Losing the belly fat is just the first step. Understanding what got you there and how to prevent it is key to keeping a slim waist for life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Belly Fat REALLY Is
  • The Causes of Belly Fat
  • Many Myths Surrounding Belly Fat
  • Exactly How To Lose Belly Fat
  • A Daily Routine To Help You Bust Your Belly Fat
  • Specific Examples And Ways To Keep Your Belly Fat Off FOREVER
  • Much, much more!


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