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Stealing Magic (The Legacy of Androva Book 1) by [Vick, Alex C]What would you do? Would you open your eyes, if you were the one that heard them? Two magic-takers from another world, arguing about whether they can collect what they came for before you wake up. It sounds like a crazy dream, or a practical joke. But what if the air around you started to vibrate with an invisible force field? What if, all at once, it felt terrifying yet familiar too?

You would have no way of knowing that your life would change forever. That this discovery would set you on a path no-one from our world has taken for centuries. Towards a deadly enemy, and a fight that you will almost certainly lose. All you know is that your heart is beating so fast you’re worried they will hear it, and your brain is starting to buzz as the force field reaches it. Would you open your eyes?

Join Jax and Shannon as they live through the most exciting and terrifying ten days of their lives (so far). This is the first book in the Legacy of Androva series.

Book 1: Stealing Magic
Book 2: Capturing Magic
Book 3: Seeking Magic
Book 4: Controlling Magic (to be released end of December 2016)

About the author, Alex C Vick:

Legacy of Andorva series author, Alex C VickAlex C Vick is the author of three exciting new books in the Legacy of Androva series. The books are aimed at 9+ years, but can be enjoyed by adults too.

Everyone knows there’s probably no such thing as magic. But what if, a long time ago, there had been magic? And magicians, and spells, and a lot of other amazing things. Perhaps there was a reason it all disappeared. Alex’s books imagine what that reason was, and then describe how things change once the secret isn’t so much of a secret any more.

Alex lives in the South of England with her husband and two daughters. Whenever she has any time to spare, she spends it writing.

Read more about Alex and her books on www.alexcvick.com


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