Learning Spanish Fast and Easy!

Spanish with a Twist – The 1000 most common Words in 10 Hours: Learning Spanish vocabulary fast and easy with unique memory techniques by Languages with a Twist

Learning Spanish Fast and Easy!Languages with a Twist: Using innovative learning methods to memorize vocabulary while having fun and being creative instead of dull vocabulary training
• Speak Spanish with the 1000 most important words confidently and accurately
• Fast, efficient and sustainable learning through unique Mnemo techniques!
• Learn the correct Spanish pronunciation with an easy to understand phonetic transcription
• Ideal for self-learners, Spanish beginners and those returning to the Spanish language
• No matter if it’s for your next trip, for school, for your studies, for your job or to keep your memory fit

Where are you headed next?
Are you drawn to the trendsetting metropolis of Madrid, the world-famous ciudad de arquitectura of Barcelona, the digital nomad stronghold of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria or the breathtaking ciudad en ruinas Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes?

Speak Spanish fluently in any situation
Whether you’re hiking in the Andalusian parques naturales, sunbathing in Ibiza, taking a road trip through Chile, attending a school exchange in Lima, spending a semester abroad in Barcelona or holding a business meeting in Madrid – with “Spanish with a Twist”, the world is your oyster.

Acquire a remarkable Spanish vocabulary in just 10 hours
The 1000 vocabulary words are selected according to frequency and timeliness and sorted by topic. According to a study, the 1000 most common Spanish words make up over 85% of the spoken language. This allows you to express almost anything you want. With Languages with a Twist, you will quickly develop a Spanish vocabulary of a thousand words. In addition, you will acquire the learning techniques of the world’s best memory artists using easy-to-understand examples.

With memory techniques, learning languages becomes a piece of cake
There is a unique part to the Spanish language. These are vocabularies with a Spanish-German relationship. Here they are prepared for you, optimized for your brain. Difficult vocabulary will stick in your memory through innovative memorizing techniques like word origin, similarity to other languages and creative memory hooks.

Learn for your Future
Thanks to modern memorization techniques, you will learn to recognize connections between vocabularies. You will automatically develop the ability to remember information that was previously unknown to you in the future. These are not only memory hooks, but also established learning techniques that improve your memory and brain performance. In this way, you are able to learn in an efficient and creative way.

Improve your Spanish vocabulary in record-breaking time using unique learning methods!


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