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Download now for free to enter the delightful universe of the Amazing Conroy by Lawrence M. Schoen.

Buffalo Dogs: (The Amazing Conroy Book 0) by Lawrence M. Schoen

Lawrence M. Schoen free kindle bookHe’s the greatest hypnotist in known space.
And it might cost him his life.

The Arconi take two things seriously — absolute truth and their prize commodity: buffalo dogs. When one of Conroy’s hypnotic suggestions is taken literally, they arrest him in the middle of his stage act.

Download now for free to enter the delightful universe of the Amazing Conroy by Lawrence M. Schoen.

Now he’s facing execution or a bill for a $10 million alien creature. Can he use hypnosis to beat the Arconi’s truth-telling telepathy, save his life, and escape back to Earth?

The Amazing Conroy series is an intergalactic adventure by a 6-time Nebula Award-nominated author. Mind control, manipulation, and mayhem abound in a story that will keep you brilliantly entertained.

Enter the delightful universe of the Amazing Conroy for free when you click Download Now.

About the author, Lawrence M. Schoen:

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Lawrence M. Schoen holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, is a past Campbell, Hugo, and Nebula, nominee, won the Cóyotl award for best novel, founded the Klingon Language Institute, and occassionally does work as a hypnotherapist specializing in authors’ issue.

His science fiction includes many light and humorous adventures of a space-faring stage hypnotist and his alien animal companion. Other works take a very different tone, exploring issues of determinism and free will, generally redefining the continua between life and death. Sometimes he blurs the funny and the serious. Lawrence lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife and their dog.

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