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Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ by Kerry Wells

free religion from Kerry WellsFrom the author, Kerry Wells:

This book details my experiences interacting with Christ as the consciousness of the Sun, and my interactions with God the Father as well. I also share my experiences with heaven and hell.

God and Christ asked me to write this book to share the experiences I had with them so that people might gain a better understanding of the afterlife and the events in predicted in the Bible concerning the rapture and tribulations. Jesus took me down into hell and to places all over the earth to find lost spirits and try to give them forgiveness.

It became apparent that many of them were stuck because they could not forgive themselves. God showed me that the events forecast in the Revelations chapter of the Bible are real and will come to pass. God and Christ want everyone to know the true nature of Christ and how he can purify our souls if we repent and ask his forgiveness.

Excerpt from Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ by Kerry Wells:

“What follows is a series of experiences that I had over the course of a few years while using an over the counter legal substance which (above a certain dosage) can cause dissociation. I decided not to name it when writing about my experiences because of the side effects it can cause; even though I researched it thoroughly beforehand, some of them i didn’t find out about until I already had them. I did know that the drug caused panic attacks in some users, which to an inexperienced person feels like a heart attack; the literature I read suggested that quite a few people using this medication ended up in the emergency room just from the accelerated heartbeat they experienced on it.”


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