Ken Dickson Fights for the Right to Bear Arms

Ken Dickson details his traumatic struggle to reinstate the loss of his Right to Bear Arms.

Aim for Justice by Ken Dickson

Ken DicksonIn this age of mass-shootings and concern about the role of the mentally ill in them, Aim for Justice provides a unique glimpse into an issue of great importance to all Americans—our Constitutional right to bear arms.

In this fast-paced, emotionally taut, and inspiring true story, the author relates his struggles after an unplanned surgery and inexcusable treatment by medical and mental health professionals land him in a high-security psych ward, stripped of his right to bear arms.

Despite his traumatic ordeal, he fights back to normalcy and then takes aim at the impossible: reinstating his Second Amendment right and clearing his mental health record.

While illustrating the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit, Aim for Justice reminds us that we cannot take our rights for granted—we must be ever vigilant of the forces in our society and the world that seek to erode our freedom.

About the author, Ken Dickson:

Ken Dickson

Ken Dickson lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Beth and a motley crew of pets. He is a Principal Engineer at a major electronics manufacturer; however, after surgery and medications left him mentally ill and landed him in a high-security psychiatric ward, he felt strongly compelled to prevent the same thing from happening to others. Subsequently, he embarked upon a second career as a writer and published his first book, Detour from Normal, in 2013.

While an editor reviewed the first draft of Detour from Normal (initially fiction), Ken’s creative energy continued. Over the following ten days, he wrote two hundred pages of a sequel. Later, when he met with the editor, she convinced him to re-write Detour from Normal as a memoir.

On April 30, 2018, Ken published his third book, a memoir entitled Aim for Justice that details the loss of his Right to Bear Arms due to mental illness and his fight to regain it. Half the size of his other books, Aim for Justice is intentionally fast-paced, down-to-earth, and lacking in fluff, making it ideal for readers with limited time who long for an engaging read.

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